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Theatre Studies


Theatre is a performing art and that means it takes a lot of people to make it happen. Because theatre is highly collaborative, communication is the most necessary skill for theatre practitioners.  That’s what students in this program will be developing, the ability to speak to other people with clarity, imagination and commitment.  That’s why a degree in theatre can be applied to a wide variety of jobs and life paths.  

The Theatre Studies degree is a general degree allowing the student great flexibility. The theatre student can steer their education in four different directions.  Two of these are for further study in theatre or outside of theatre.  The other two directions are for students that want to use the degree to begin their careers.   


  • Performance
  • Production
  • Musical theatre
  • Healthcare Theatre
  • Dance

Graduate Options

Further study in theatre:

  • MFA in acting 
  • MFA in playwriting 
  • MFA in design 
  • MFA/PhD 

Further study outside of theatre:

  • Medical school

  • Law school

  • Veterinary school

  • Dental school

Career Options

Get a job in theatre:

  • Shop Assistant

  • Assistant Stage Manager

  • Head of Wardrobe 

  • First Hand

  • Box Office Manager 

  • Sound Engineer

  • Marketing Director

Get a job outside of theatre:

  • Broadcasting

  • Arts Management

  • State and Federal Arts Organizations

  • Event Planning

  • Human Resources

  • Customer Relations

What’s special about this program?

The big deal here is that our department and University houses a professional theatre called the Resident Ensemble Players. This is a producing theatre like the ones in major cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore. In fact, the faculty has worked at theaters in both of these cities and others around the country. That’s the big deal. They are the ones who teach the BA courses! An even bigger deal is the fact that most students, intheir third and fourth years, will work with the REP, gaining professional credits before leaving undergraduate study. This is a highly unique facet of this degree: gaining professional credit, during the school year, and on the UD campus! It is the only program in the US that can say that!

Get Involved

The REP: on-campus professional theatre

E-52: student-run theatre group that does four shows a year

HTAC: student-run theatre group that does four shows a year

Improv clubs: Rubber Chickens, Unfiltered Improv, Riot Act.

Dance groups:  Delaware Dance Fever, Delaware Repertory Dance Company, Evolution Dance Team

Choirs: UD Chorale, Concert Choir, University Singers, Jazz Singers,

Student Acapella Groups: Vocal Point, Golden Blues, MelUDees.

Lyric Theatre


Sample curriculum






First Year Experience

University Breadth Courses

Foreign Language Course

Elective Courses





THEA330 Voice and Speech I

University Breadth Course

Foreign Language Course

Discovery Learning Experience 



THEA408 Theatre Practicum (taken both Spring and Fall semester) 

Elective Courses

2nd Writing Course

Concentration Course

University Breadth Course




University Breadth Course


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