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Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Hands-on training, practical experience

Biotechnology uses knowledge obtained about organisms at the molecular level to inform diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, create new treatments using stem- and gene-therapies, produce novel biopharmaceuticals and help address global problems such as world hunger through genetically modified plants. The Program in Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BAMBB) will prepare students to work in a wide variety of biotechnology-related settings. With a locked-step curriculum, the program will emphasize hands-on training and practical experience, while providing a solid foundation in the basic subjects from which biotechnology evolved. Faculty from academia and industry will give students a broad perspective of biotechnology’s applications and possibilities. Integrated into the curriculum are required practical internships, where students will gain additional experience in real world laboratory settings.


  • Biotechnology
  • Biology
  • Nanomedicine


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Research laboratory
  • Public health


  • Medicine
  • Veterinary
  • Science doctoral programs

What’s special about this program?

In today’s competitive employment market, students are looking for a degree that provides a high likelihood of return on their investment. The major is significantly different from other basic science programs; it provides a foundation in the basic biotechnology laboratory skills set as well as a solid science background. With a hands-on, competency based curriculum, students completing the major will be able to “hit-the-ground-running” as entry-level scientists, making this an attractive option as a major. 

Sample curriculum




Intro Bio I with Lab BISC 208 Intro Bio II with Lab
CHEM 103 or 107

General Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 104 or 108 General Chemistry II with Lab



MMSC 200 Language of Medicine
UNIV 101

First Year Experience

ENG 110 Seminar in Composition

Breadth requirement


MMSC 100 Intro to Medical Laboratory Science
CHEM 213/215 Elementary Organic Chemistry with Lab OR CHEM 214/216 Biochemistry with Lab OR
CHEM 321/325

Organic Chemistry I with Lab


CHEM 322/326 Organic Chemistry II with LAB
PHYS 201

Introductory Physics I OR 


PHYS 202 Introductory Physics II OR
KAAP 309 Human Anatomy & Physiology I KAAP 310 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
MMSC 301 Introduction to Biotech Breadth requirements  
Breadth requirements


MMSC 360

Clinical Immunology & Med Virology


CHEM 214 Elementary Biochemistry  
MMSC 408

Molecular Prep Tech


MMSC 426 Protein Purification & Characterization  
MMSC 425

Basic Molecular Tech


MMSC 451 Cell & Tissue Culture Tech   
MMSC 490

Clinical & Molecular Cell Bio


MMSC 491 Human Molecular Genetics  
Second Writing Course



MMSC 492 Application of Molecular Diagnostics Technique  
MMSC 435

Practical Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics


HLTH 241 Ethical Aspects of Health
MMSC 461

Lab Practice & Leadership


MMSC 427 Flow Cytometry
MMSC 441

Biotech Practicum I


MMSC 443 Biotech Practicum III
MMSC 442

Biotech Practicum II


MMSC 444 Biotech Practicum IV
MMSC 375

Stats & Research for MLS

MMMSC Lab Practice & Leadership II

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