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Information Systems is an evolving scientific area of study that bridges the gap between business and computer science.

Networks of computers extend human brainpower by creating modes of communication and record keeping that are at once more complex and more convenient than ever before. To be effective, these systems must aid and enhance our business, government and service organizations, which requires a careful understanding of the factors controlling human interactions, as well as the technical potential and limitations of computer systems.

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers students a Bachelor of Science major in Information Systems (INSY-BS), which combines business and information technology subjects. The major addresses student demand for courses oriented toward the design of new software systems for business and consumer needs. Students enrolled in the major must fulfill a set of major courses along with 1) a set of business courses (referred to as the business core) and 2) a set of information systems courses (referred to as the information systems core).

The business core emphasizes management and marketing issues. Students are prepared for careers in management and financial matters through courses in accounting, finance, operations management, organizational behavior, and marketing.

The information core stresses the use of computing technology in solving business problems.

Course work includes technological problem solving and project management, as well as a selection of advanced computer science courses designed to prepare students for careers in programming, business telecommunication networks, system development, database systems, and software engineering.

Areas of study

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Operations management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Business telecommunication networks
  • System development
  • Database systems
  • Software engineering

Graduate programs

  • Master of Science
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Certificate in Computational Science and Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration

What’s special about this program?


Over 30% of the CIS faculty are University Excellence in Teaching award winners, and most classes are 40 students or less by junior and senior year. We offer undergraduate research opportunities (academic year and summers) and the potential for study abroad earning CIS credit. Each student has access to a full-time faculty advisor, and majors are customizable through the concentration and technical electives. Students benefit from team project experience through participation on programming teams like ACM and Supercomputing.  In addition, service learning opportunities allow students to develop learning games on the XO to broaden participation in computing.

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Deep Roots Outreach Program

Engineers Without Borders

Linux Users Group

National Society of Black Engineers

Sigma Phi Delta

Society for the Advancement of Materials and Processing Engineering

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Society of Women Engineers

Tau Beta Pi

UD ACM-W Student Chapter (CIS-ters)

Sample curriculum



Introduction to Computer Science I

Introduction to Computer Science II



Introduction to Systems Programming 



Introduction to Engineering (FYE)




Seminar in Composition

Discrete Mathematics I




Analytic Geometry and Calculus A

Breadth Requirement Electives



Accounting I



Accounting II



Data Structures



Business Telecommunication Networks



Introduction to Software Engineering



Statistical Methods



Breadth Requirement Elective



Laboratory Science Courses


  General Elective Course

Introduction to Marketing (or) 



Principles of Finance



Introduction to Service & Operations Management



Organizational Behavior



Database Systems



Written Communications in Business (or)



Technical Writing



IS Elective Courses


  General Elective Courses

Computers, Ethics, & Society



Advanced Software Engineering (DLE & Capstone)



Oral Communication in Business



Systems Analysis and Implementation



MIS Project Management



MIS Projects


  General Elective Courses

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