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Get the whole picture: Explore world art

Humankind’s cultural inheritance is encoded in the language of art. We offer students critical insights into this inheritance and the ways that art and cultural expression have developed over time and across the continents, deepening their knowledge of the past and the ways that the past shapes the present. We sharpen students’ visual skills, essential for success in an increasingly visual world. We develop students’ writing abilities, an essential foundation for any career. We spark students’ imaginations with images and objects that have endured centuries and have been worshipped or violated, stirred revolution or gone missing, delighted or outraged. In keeping with the university’s global mission, we offer courses in American (including Native American, African American and Latin American), European, African, Asian and Islamic art and architecture. Through the study of the full range of artistic creativity, we challenge students to become citizens of the world.


  • Visual and Media Studies
  • Material Culture Studies
  • Architecture, Urban Design and the Environment
  • Art, Politics and Society
  • Race and Gender in Art
  • Globalization and the Art Market
  • Art, Literature and Performance


  • Art History Educator
  • Architectural Historian
  • Curator
  • Art Museum Administrator
  • Museum Collections Manager or Registrar
  • Corporate Art Collections Manager
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Art Critic
  • Arts Journalist
  • Antiques Dealer
  • Art Appraiser
  • Art Expert for Nonprofit Institutions
  • Art Expert for Auction Houses, Corporate Sales, and Galleries
  • Historic Preservation Specialist
  • Cultural Heritage Manager
  • Visual Resources Manager
  • Art Librarian
  • Intellectual and Cultural Property Lawyer
  • Law Enforcement Agent


  • Art History
  • Museum Studies
  • Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Architecture

What’s special about this program?


Our department ranks among the top programs in the nation. Our faculty has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. We are in a unique position at the center of a constellation of units that emphasize the art object, including Art and Design, Art Conservation, Museum Studies, Material Culture Studies and the University Museums, among others. By virtue of UD's proximity to major cities, we expose students to world-class collections of art and architecture.

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Intro: Pyramids to Cathedrals



Intro: Renaissance to Modern

Seminar in Composition



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  ARTH Elective Course

Biblical and Classical Literature



ARTH200 level in distribution area courses



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ARTH 200-level or higher



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Senior Thesis



ARTH 300-level or higher



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