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Latin American and Iberian Studies

Latin American and Iberian Studies students travel abroad


Latin American and Iberian Studies focuses on the history, geography, politics, literature, arts and cultures of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. Our courses cover a wide range of topics including indigenous cultures, colonialism, nationalism, liberalism and globalization as well as problems of gender, race and economic inequality. Latin American and Iberian Studies prepares students with the practical and theoretical tools they need to study and work in the globalized arena of the 21st century. Students majoring or minoring in Latin American and Iberian Studies are required to acquire competency in either Spanish or Portuguese, going beyond the minimum requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.


  • Latin American and Spanish History
  • Human Geography of Latin America
  • Spanish and Latin American Music, Arts and Cultures
  • Dictatorship and Democracy in the Iberoamerican World


  • Public Administration
  • Foreign Service
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Banking and Business
  • International NGOs


  • International Relations
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish/Portuguese
  • Education
  • Law
  • Business/Economics

What's special about this program?

Our program is designed for students with diverse international interests and career goals who will benefit from the flexibility of a curriculum that is genuinely interdisciplinary in content and methods. Students with wide-ranging interests in culture, politics and other areas can pursue a course of study that both satisfies their preferences and provides a pragmatic, focused curriculum. The major or minor can easily be combined with other majors in different disciplines. 

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ANTH265 High Civilizations of the Americas

GEOG226 Geography of Latin America

HIST135 Introduction to Latin American History


University Breadth Courses

Elective Courses

ANTH375  Peoples and Cultures of Modern Latin America

ARTH232 Art of Latin America   

HIST336  Topics in Latin American History

SPAN325 Spanish Civilization and Culture or SPAN326 Latin American Civilization and Culture

University Breadth Courses

Elective Courses

ANTH326 The African Diaspora and the World

HIST430 Twentieth Century Latin American Revolutions

POSC426 Latin American Political Systems

SPAN301 Survey of Spanish Literature

University Breadth Courses

Elective Courses

HIST392 Brazil in the Modern World

ARTH440 Seminar in Latin American Art

FREN459 Negritude, Antillanite, Creolite

LAMS/SPAN491 Latin American and Iberian Studies Capstone

SPAN 475 Topics in Hispanic Culture and Civilization

University Breadth Courses

Elective Courses

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