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Plant Science

UD Plant Science students conduct field research
Student Research Assistants: Miguel Borja (straw hat), Pete Moore (green shirt and glasses), Courtney Spector (white shirt and blue hat) | Randall Wisser (gray button down t-shirt) | Teclemariam Weldekidan (yellow and green hat)

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


Science that impacts the world!  


From the most recent advances in plant molecular biology to the latest methods for growing and maintaining healthy plants, students in the Plant Science major will incorporate these practices with their evolving knowledge of the plant kingdom. The major offers the flexibility to pursue the areas of plant science that best aligns students with their future goals. Exciting careers in sustainable agriculture and ecosystem sciences, agronomic and horticultural crop production systems, plant science research and biotechnology, and crop protection await you.

Areas of study

  • Plant propagation and production
  • Plant physiology
  • Ornamental horticulture
  • Crop and backyard-food production
  • Plant pathology
  • Plant genetics

Career options

  • Plant science research
  • Agronomic and horticultural crop production
  • Sustainable land management
  • Plant genetics and biotechnology
  • Plant pathology and integrated pest management
  • Greenhouse, garden center, or farm management
  • Landscape services provider

Graduate programs

  • Plant Pathology
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Public Horticulture Administration

What’s special about this program?

Experiential learning is the cornerstone of this major.  Your collaboration with faculty will include a hands-on approach along with one-on-one interactions both in and out of the classroom.  Unlike many other U.S. colleges of agriculture, our 350-acre outdoor classroom — which includes state-of-the-art greenhouses, gardens and research laboratory facilities — are located right on our main campus.  In addition, you will have access to our unique state-of-the-art Delaware Biotechnology Institute, where “research is recognized internationally and where science is changing the world.” Our renowned faculty will encourage you to collaborate on their research and will help you network with various premier companies and government agencies to land that dream job!

Get involved

Horticulture Club

Design Articulture (DART)

Ag Ambassadors

Agricultural College Council (AgCC)

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity (AGR)

Alpha Zeta (AZ)

Animal Science Club

Collegiate 4-H

Collegiate FFA

Ducks Unlimited

The Entomology Club

Equestrian Team

Food Science Club

Food Marketing Club

Sigma Alpha Sorority (SA)

Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures (VIDA)

The Wildlife Society

Sample curriculum


New Student Colloquium



Botany I and lab



Botany II


MATH114 or higher

College Mathematics and Statistics


CHEM101 OR CHEM103/102 or 104

General Chemistry



Seminar in Composition



PLSC Elective



University or College Breadth Requirements



Introduction to Soil Science and lab



Elementary Organic Chemistry and lab


PHYS201 Introduction to Physics OR


Geology of Dynamic Earth OR



Applied Climatology



University or College Breadth Requirements



Multicultural Requirement



Principles of Animal and Plant Genetics



Introductory Plant Pathology



Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition



Introduction to Plant Physiology



University or College Breadth Requirements


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