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Public Policy

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Creating Solutions for Complex Issues in our Communities

Public policy decisions are the means by which communities address challenges such as health, education, housing, energy, poverty, economic growth and environmental sustainability. Public policies are the choices made by societies that drive public investments, create laws and regulations, establish services and security, guide markets and businesses or allocate benefits and costs to citizens. Public policy draws from many disciplines, including political science, law, economics, sociology, history, urban studies, geography and environmental studies. Policy choices shape the future of communities and change the world.


  • State and Local Government Administration
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Urban / City Planning
  • Historic Preservation
  • Community Development
  • Comparitive Public Policy


  • City Administrator
  • Policy Researcher
  • Program Analyst
  • Legislative Staff
  • Advocate
  • Budget Analyst
  • Elected Official / Politician


  • Public Policy
  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Urban Planning
  • Community Development
  • Health Administration

What’s special about this program?

Students in our program are taught using the distinctive Delaware Model of public policy education. This model integrates academic excellence with professional experience.  Students work side-by-side with faculty and professionals to address challenges facing communities and organizations using learning from the classroom. Our faculty have extensive experience working with government, nonprofit community organizations and the private sector. Our communities are learning laboratories and our students use their knowledge to make a meaningful difference. Biden School undergraduate students also have the option of applying to our 4+1 programs, which offer an accelerated path to earning a master’s degree alongside the undergraduate program. 

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Seminar in Composition



College Mathematics or higher




Changing the World



Crafting Public Policy



First Year Experience

Arts & Sciences / University Breadth Courses



Foreign Language Course



Public Policy Analysis



UAPP Elective Courses



Arts & Sciences / University Breadth Courses



Restricted Elective or Minor Courses



Field Experience



Second Writing Requirement



UAPP Elective Courses



Arts & Sciences / University Breadth Courses



University Multicultural Course



Restricted Elective or Minor Courses



Contemporary Policy Issues



UAPP Elective Courses



Arts & Sciences / Univeristy Breadth Courses



Foreign Language Course



Restricted Elective or Minor Courses


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