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There is a critical shortage of qualified middle and high school mathematics teachers in schools in our region and across the nation. Mathematics is an important and challenging subject, and teachers well-trained in mathematics and the teaching of mathematics can make mathematics accessible to all middle and high school students with different needs and abilities. This can be a very fulfilling, emotionally satisfying, and financially secure career for motivated students. Both the B.A. and B.S. degree programs in mathematics education lead to teacher certification; the B.S. degree may be more suitable for students who have taken or plan to take many credits in math and science, while the B.A. degree is ideal for students who are interested in achieving breadth in the liberal arts. 

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What’s special about this program?

We are one of the few universities to offer the B.S. degree in secondary (grades 7-12) mathematics education, requiring greater depth in mathematics than in a typical math education program. Both the B.S. and B.A. mathematics education programs are nationally accredited. Extensive field experiences are provided in sophomore, junior and senior years, where students learn practical aspects of being an effective teacher. Graduates of this program are eligible to teach in any state. 

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Sample curriculum


MATH241 Calculus I

College Breadth Course

College Breadth Course

First Year Experience


MATH242 Calculus II

MATH210 Discrete Math

MATH 279 Problem Solving I

CISC106 Computer Science I

College Breadth Course


MATH350 Probability

MATH349 Linear Algebra

MATH243 Calculus III

College Breadth Course

Foreign Language 106


MATH450 Statistics

MATH245 Introduction to Proof

MATH302 Differential Equations 

EDUC419 Diversity in Education

Foreign Language 107


MATH451 Abstract Algebra

MATH540 Geometry


PHYS207 Physics I

EDUC414 Teaching Exceptional Adolescents


MATH308 History of Math

MATH508 Complex Analysis 

MATH379 Problem Solving II 

PHYS 208 Physics II 

EDUC413 Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology


MATH379 Problem solving II

MATH380 Teaching Math

MATH518Math Modeling

EDUC420 Reading in Content Areas

MATH Elective

MATH Elective



MATH382 Student Teaching Seminar

EDUC400 Student Teaching

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