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Comparative Literature

UD student studies comparative literature in Japan
Comparative Literature student Iliana Burgos studied at Akita International University in Japan for her thesis on the depiction of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japanese manga.

Learn about the world through literature

Comparative literature brings an international and intercultural perspective to bear on the study of literary themes, forms, movements and relations, as well as the interrelations between different national literatures and other disciplines. The Comparative Literature Program provides students the opportunity to design a course of study allowing specialization in two or more literatures.


  • Literature (novels, short stories, poetry, drama)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Folklore
  • Literary Criticism
  • Film


  • Professor of Language or Literature
  • Research Librarian
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Writer
  • Language Teacher


  • Literary Studies
  • Library Science
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Law
  • Language Education
  • Cultural Studies
  • Translation

What’s special about this program?

Our program is flexible and customized. Traditionally, students choose one major literature then study one or more other literatures that have greatly influenced the major. For example, a student might choose English literature of the nineteenth century as a primary focus then take courses in German and/or French literature of the same period to discover mutual themes and influences. Students may also study the interrelationships of literature with other disciplines including art, music and film. We encourage students to spend a semester or a year abroad.

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Sample curriculum

ENGL110: Seminar in Composition

ENGL/LLCU/ARTH/JWST 202: Biblical and Classical Literature

ENGL 210: Introduction to the Short Story

MATH113: Contemporary Mathematics (or higher)

UNIV101: First Year Experience

Intermediate Foreign Language Courses such SPAN 200 and 201 (201 satisfies Group A) or FREN 200 and 211 (211 satisfies Group A)

University Breadth Courses such as BAMS 215: Race in Society (satisfies group C) or COMM 370: Theories of Media Communication (satisfies group C)

Language and Culture in Translation course such as LLCU 352: Videogames in Latin American Culture or LLCU 337: Brazil through Film

ENGL 217: Introduction to Film

ENGL 317: Film History

ENGL 214: Literature and Gender

ENGL 345/BAMS 345: African-American Literature II (satisfies Group B and multicultural requirement) or SPAN 326: Latin American Culture (satisfies multicultural requirement)

SPAN 303: Survey of Spanish-American Literature I or FREN 301: Introduction to French Prose (both courses satisfy Group B)

SPAN 304: Survey of Spanish-American Literature II or FREN 302: Introduction to French Poetry and Theater (both courses satisfy Group B)

ENGL341: American Literature: Civil War to World War II or ENGL342: American Literature since World War II

University Breadth Courses

Fall semester: Study abroad in Buenos Aires, Granada or Paris (satisfies Discovery Learning Experience requirement; opportunity to take additional advanced courses in literature and culture in the target language)

SPAN471: Latin American Film or FREN 458: Francophone African Cinema (suggested)

Elective Courses

University Breadth Courses

ENGL 376: World Literature (required for the CMLT major; satisfies 2nd Writing requirement)

Courses in a second foreign language (suggested)

Elective Courses


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