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Latin Education

View of the Roman Forum from Via di Monte Tarpeo at the center of the city of Rome.

Inspire. Enrich. Teach.

Fascinated with the ancient world and how it shaped our modern one? Make your passion your profession with the Latin Education major! From creating lesson plans to managing the classroom, you’ll receive a rigorous course of instruction in teaching Latin in grades K-12. Language Teaching is an area of critical need in Delaware and across the country. Our program will provide you with a thorough foundation in Latin and the fundamentals of teaching and pairs intensive coursework with hands-on student teaching opportunities to prepare the next generation of World Language teachers. Completing the program satisfies the requirements for earning a Delaware Teaching Certificate and license and you will be guided and supported throughout the certification process.


  • Latin Reading and Composition
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Ancient Roman History and Culture
  • Ancient Roman Literarture
  • World Language Pedagogy
  • Digital Humanities and Language Acquisition
  • Ancient Roman Literature and Culture in Modern Media
  • Language Syllabus Design

  • Methods of Teaching World Languages


  • Pre-secondary Educator
  • Textbook and Curriculum Designer
  • Study Abroad Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • Post-secondary Educator


  • Linguistics and Secondary Education Acquisition
  • Classical Studies Advanced Degrees
  • School Counseling
  • Educational Leadership
  • Literary Studies

What’s special about this program?


The Latin Education major is designed to prepare students for both real-world teaching opportunities and future development of literary, historical and educational skills. In this program, students will gain a keen knowledge of Latin vocabulary, grammar and pedagogy while reading exciting ancient texts in the original language. Students will supplement this learning with selections from a range of in-translation courses across several programs that explore the ancient world. Students are encouraged to pursue topics of ancient Roman history, culture, and literature that are of particular interest to them. A series of field experiences prepares students for successful student teaching. And one-on-one mentoring of student teachers by a UD Field Instructor and classroom clinical educator ensure success in teaching.

Sample curriculum

ENGL110 Seminar in Composition
MATH Math Requirement
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (1/10)
LLCU111 First Year Seminar: Introduction to World Language Learning
LATN102 Elementary Latin II
LATN201 Intermediate Latin Prose
MC Req Multicultural requirement
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (2/10) + Lab
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (3/10)
LATN2XX Latin Elective
LATN202 Intermediate Latin Poetry
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (4/10)
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (5/10)
EDUC414 Exceptional Adolescents
LATN3XX or 4XX Latin Course (1/3)
LATN3XX or 4XX Latin Course (2/3)
LATN3XX or 4XX Latin Course (3/3)
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (6/10)
LLCU429 Teaching Foreign/Second Languages in Elementary Schools
EDUC413 Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology
Study Abroad (Optional) Greece (Winter or Summer Session)
LATN4XX Latin 400-Level (1/5)
LATN4XX Latin 400-Level (2/5)
LATN4XX Latin 400-Level (3/5)
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (7/10)
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (8/10)
LLCU421 Methods of Teaching World Languages
SWR Second Writing Requirement
LATN4XX Latin 400-Level (4/5)
LATN4XX Latin 400-Level (5/5)
UB/AS Req Breadth Requirement (9/10)
LLCU422 Language Syllabus Design
LLCU417 Practicum
LLCU424 Second Language Testing
LATN3XX or 4XX Latin Elective
LATN3XX or 4XX Latin Elective
EDUC400 Student Teaching
LLCU491 World Language Education Capstone

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