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Asian Studies

Students emerge from a doorway leading to the Temple of Heaven in Beiging, China.


Majors and minors study how different local, national and regional cultures interact within Asia and beyond. The program draws on the strengths of specialists in anthropology, art history, English, Chinese and Japanese language, foreign literature, history, music, philosophy, politics and international relations, sociology and criminal justice. Students may major or minor in the program, with an Honors option also available. Asian Studies complements a host of other majors, including Chinese and Japanese language, history, international relations, political science and international business. The program encourages students to further deepen cultural and linguistic engagement through study abroad.


  • Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Writing with Chinese characters
  • Asia in the World
  • Buddhism and Taoism
  • The Asian Development Model
  • Cultural cooperation and conflict
  • Past, present, and future Asias


  • Asian Country Risk Analysis
  • Asian Student Liaison
  • Japan Exchange/Teaching Program
  • Management Consulting
  • International IT
  • Translation
  • English Instruction in China


  • Business
  • Chinese Literature
  • Humanitarian Policy
  • Japanese History
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Security Policy

What’s special about this program?

Asian Studies brings Asia into the classroom and brings students to Asia. Enrichment opportunities are wide reaching: study abroad in China and Japan, courses pairing Asia and the American students, virtual learning with students in Malaysia, field trips, lecture and film series, and student interest groups. Those wishing looking for Asia in film can explore the library’s extensive collection ranging from the epic “Hero” to the seemingly placid “Tokyo Story”—from samurai slasher to thoughtful documentary. And the Foreign Language Media Center offers a wide range of games, computer programs, and other resources that support foreign language and cultural learning.

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