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Italian Education

Italian Education students study abroad in Italy

Inspire. Enrich. Teach.

Our program will provide you with excellent mastery of the Italian language, literature and culture as well as the fundamentals of teaching. From creating lesson plans to managing the classroom, you’ll receive a rigorous course of instruction in teaching Italian in grades K-12. The program pairs intensive coursework with hands-on student teaching opportunities to prepare the next generation of world language teachers. Language teaching is an area of critical need across the country and language teachers are in demand.

 Our program leads to certification and stresses career readiness. Upon completion of coursework, student teaching and state-mandated certification tests, you will meet the requirements for institutional recommendation for certification and licensure in Delaware. Teach anywhere! UD’s Certification Officer is dedicated to helping you through the certification process for any state(s) where you are interested in teaching (see UD’s Office of Certification and Accreditation). 


  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Advanced Italian Conversation, Culture and Composition
  • Italian Civilization: Journeys: The Origins to The Renaissance
  • Contemporary Italian Literature
  • Language Syllabus Design
  • Methods of Teaching World Languages


  • K-12 Education
  • Teaching Abroad
  • Department Chair
  • Textbook Editor
  • School Administrator
  • Professor

What’s special about this program?

Communicative Language Teaching in campus classrooms develops our candidates’ proficiency early on. Real-world cultural experiences and language study abroad in three- and five-week intersession courses and in full-semester programs in Rome and Siena build cultural proficiency. A series of field experiences prepares students for successful student teaching. One-on-one mentoring of student teachers by a UD Field Instructor and classroom clinical educator ensures success in teaching.

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Sample curriculum

ITAL 107 - Italian III - Intermediate ITAL 200-level requirement 
ENGL 110 - First-Year Writing  Breadth Requirement (2/12)
Breadth Requirement (1/12) Breadth Requirement (with Laboratory) (3/12)
Mathematics Requirement* Breadth Requirement (4/12)
LLCU 111 - First Year Seminar: Intro to World Language Learning Multicultural Requirement
Credits: 16 Credits: 16
ITAL 211 - Italian Reading and Composition: Short Fiction or ITAL 212 - Italian Reading and Composition: Drama and Prose (also satisfies Group A Breadth 5/12) ITAL 300 - Advanced Italian Composition and Grammar or ITAL 305 - Advanced Italian Conversation
EDUC 414 - Teaching Exceptional Adolescents Italian 300-level Requirement (1/4)
Breadth Requirement (6/12)  EDUC 413 - Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology
Breadth Requirement (7/12) Breadth Requirement (8/12) 
  LLCU 429 - Methods of Teaching World Languages in Elementary Schools
Credits: 12 Credits: 16
LLCU 424 - Second Language Testing**  Italian 300-level Requirement (4/4)
Italian 300-level Requirement (2/4) Italian 400-level Requirement (1/2)
Italian 300-level Requirement (3/4) Free Elective
Breadth Requirement (9/12) LLCU 421 - Methods of Teaching World Languages** 
Breadth Requirement (10/12) Breadth Requirement (11/12)
Credits: 15 Credits: 15
LLCU 417 - Language Teaching Practicum**  EDUC 400 - Student Teaching (DLE and Capstone) (nine credits)
LLCU 422 - Language Syllabus Design**  LLCU 491 - World Languages Education Capstone
Second Writing Requirement   
Italian 400-level Requirement (2/2)  
Breadth Requirement (12/12)  
Credits: 13 Credits: 12

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