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Farmer's Market - 2015

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Below, you'll find some of our favorite recipes to help you get started with incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. We hope you enjoy and come back each season for new ideas!


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Cantaloupe is a refreshing summer fruit packed with vitamins A and C! It goes great with dessert, in summer salads and in fruit bowls. Choose this healthier option over processed sweets anytime!

What to look for:

  • Color: beige, sandy gold, creamy yellow
  • Texture: raised ridges, firm
  • Stem end: round, smooth, and slightly concaved
  • Blossom end: slight give when gentle press is applied
  • Smell: sweet and slightly musky
  • Weight: heavy
  • Sound: low and solid (NOT HOLLOW)

How to store:

Cantaloupes can be stored on the counter; once they are cut, store them in the refrigerator or freezer for use at a later time.


Written recipe


Video recipe

A recipe video to make Cantaloupe watermelon smoothie: