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  • Agricultural Leasing and Farmland Purchases in Delaware

    Under a crop share lease, a tenant pays the landowner a certain percentage of harvested crops.  In return, a landlord allows the tenant to use the land and may pay a percentage of certain input costs.  The percentage of both crops and selected expenses are usually based on local custom. 

  • Creating and Using Enterprise Budgets

    An enterprise is defined as a single crop or livestock commodity that produces a marketable product. The mix of enterprises an agricultural producer raises determines the overall profitability of a farming business. 


    The goal of passing on the farm to the next generation requires careful thought, communication, and planning. Estate and succession plans help farm families think through the transfer process. Most people do not want to think about death, however, and do not develop a succession or estate plan until it is too late.

  • Farm Business Structures: Pros and Cons of Each

    Choosing a business structure for a farming business can be difficult because entities differ in tax and legal implications. Choosing a business structure for the farm operation could result in either beneficial or negative consequences.

  • Farm Management Strategies During Rising Inflation

    Farming during 2022 has been extremely stressful for agricultural producers with so many things changing about the economy, commodity markets, global events, and production costs soaring.

  • Steps for Developing a Grain Marketing Plan

    Developing a grain marketing plan can be difficult, especially when grain market prices are constantly changing and going through periods of extreme volatility like what we’ve seen in the past two years. 

  • Utilizing Bundling Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

    Direct-to-consumer marketing often involves selling various products that have both high profit margins and low profit margins. A useful pricing strategy to promote sales of both high profit margin items and low profit margin items is to use bundling strategies. 

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Delaware’s proximity to Maryland offers many opportunities to share valuable resources. The University of Maryland’s Ag Law Education Initiative (ALEI) is among those resources. ALEI’s legal specialists work with ag industry providers, including Maryland and Delaware Extension agents and specialists, to help farmers understand and comply with local, state and federal regulations. ALEI faculty and staff offer a variety of educational opportunities for Delaware farmers and ag service providers. 

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