2020 Impact: Delaware prioritizes STEAM Experiences for 4-H Youth

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Girl working on STEAM robot project.

Delaware prioritizes STEAM Experiences for 4-H Youth

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Forbes author Barnard Marr believes students need increased science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education to help them become better assets for a current and future labor force. This type of education is a priority in 4-H. In fact, according to the national 4-H organization, 4-H youth are twice as likely to have STEAM experiences than non-members.



Delaware's 4-H Afterschool Program prioritizes these STEAM experiences and offers hands-on opportunities to members in 12 schools and organizations across all three counties. Year-round STEAM activities include robotics, computer science, oceanography, engineering structures, biology, earth science, horticulture, performing arts, sewing, painting, poetry, mindfulness, music, hands-on experiments and more.



After participating in Delaware 4-H's STEAM activities after school and during the summer of 2020, 75 parents were surveyed and 19 responded. The responses primarily represented the experiences of Black elementary and middle school students:

  • 100 percent agreed 4-H increased their student's knowledge in STEAM and how it relates to the world. 

  • 31 percent agreed virtual STEAM learning was an essential element of the program.

  • 37 percent agreed the STEAM packets mailed and delivered to their homes were an important element of the program.