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Achieving Environmental Wellness


Environmental Wellness means taking care of both the global environment as well as your immediate personal environment through sustainable practices and organization skills. This may include recycling plastic, glass and paper products when possible, maintaining a clean and organized home and/or room, and spending time outdoors.

How do I achieve environmental wellness?


Reflect on the following statements as they apply to you in your life, deciding if they are true for you:

  • "I recycle plastic, glass, and paper products when possible."
  • "I maintain a clean and organized home/room."
  • "I spend time outdoors."

What can I do?

  • Recycling and Reducing Environmental Impact
    • Identify how and where you can recycle from your home
    • Start home composting. Check out our resources below!
  • Clean up your space!
    • Start small-make your bed daily, ensure your desk/workspace are clear when you are done for the day. These simple habits can create a more clean and organized environment
    • Find a designated spot for items, then each time you leave the room, make an effort to bring something to put back in its place!
    • Set a timer for 10 minutes a day to declutter and tidy up
  • Are you making enough time to get outdoors?
    • Aim to get outdoors rain or shine at least 15 minutes a day, this can be paired with a brief walk!
    • Check out your local parks, see resource link below for Delaware State Parks information



After reflecting on these areas, use our guide to SMART Goals to learn how to set effective personal goals related to your physical wellness!

Small child on a bench in a natural area.
Spending time outside is an excellent way to achieve environmental wellness.

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