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Achieving Emotional Wellness


The area to understand and cope with feelings and emotions through a positive attitude and strong sense of self. This may include having a sense of fun and laughter, expressing yourself and feelings appropriately and constructively, having a sense of control in your life and being able to adapt to change.

How do I achieve emotional wellness?


Reflect on the following statements as they apply to you in your life, deciding if they are true for you:

  • "I have a sense of fun and laughter."
  • "I can identify my feelings and express them appropriately and constructively."
  • "I have a sense of control in my life and am able to adapt to change."


What can I do?

Check-in with yourself

  • Ask yourself how you are feeling each day
  • Take a pause or deep breath before reacting to a situation 


Are you making enough time for your emotional wellness?

  • Take breaks from work and chores
  • Schedule time to relax and reflect


Are you practicing healthy habits?

  • Ask yourself how you typically cope when emotionally drained or fatigued. Are these healthy coping habits?
  • Consider stress relieving activities that are beneficial for your emotional health such as; exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques, or puzzles or tasks you enjoy


What's next?

After reflecting on these areas, use our guide to SMART Goals to learn how to set effective personal goals related to your physical wellness!

An older couple out for a walk
Regular exercise can be helpful in achieving emotional wellness.

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