Thank you to all of the generous donors who help create extraordinary student experiences at UD and extend our impact on the world.


Every gift makes a difference at UD.


Thank you to the many generous individuals who have chosen to support UD’s people, programs and passions.

Below, we are proud to recognize donors who laid the foundation for the Campaign and have contributed or committed $50,000 or more to the University from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2023.

Carol A. Ammon '11H and Marie E. Pinizzotto M.D. '08M '19H

Morton '58 '15H* and Donna K. Collins

Gerret V. and Tatiana B. Copeland

Robert W. '59 '10H* and Jane Gore*

Mark Samuels Lasner

Donald J. Puglisi '12H and Marichu C. Valencia

Kenneth C. '80 and Elizabeth K. Whitney


Daniel L. Chester

Patricia and John Cochran

Patricia Orris Robertson ‘72M and Charles W. Robertson Jr.

Ann Yelland Adornetto '88 and Michael Adornetto

Carol Leefeldt Anderer and David G. Anderer

Sondra J. Arnsdorf '69 '71M

Kathryn S. Avery

Mark P. Bendett '81M '85PhD

Barry J. '78 and M. Therese Verdugo Bentley

Keith A. '80 and Corinne P. Bentley

Andrea LeNoir Blankenship '73 and George P. Blankenship

Donald B. Brown '72M

Bernadette D. Buccini

Christopher F. Buccini

Robert E. Buccini

Sandra L. Burgoon

Teresa C. Byrne '79

Stephanie C. Carpenter

Robert O. Carr

Carole Albone Coleman '69 '72M and James R. Coleman '69

Judith Grandinette DeStefano '70 and Joseph J. DeStefano '68M '72PhD

Francis J. Eastburn '60

Catherine Eliades Faller '58 and James G. Faller '62M '67PhD

Stephen F. Esser '85 and Dana L. Dortone

David J. Farber

Myra Campbell Ferguson '66

Ronald M. Finch '56

Claudia G. and Richard B. Fischer

Donna M. Fontana '85

Francis E. Jr. '62 and Mildred W. Gardiner

Michael S. '80 and Rosann F. Geltzeiler

Charles A. '70 and Patricia Genuardi

Herman L. Glotzer

Stuart M. and Suzanne B. Grant

Thomas L. Gutshall '60

E. Thomas Harvey III '75 and Robin Adair Harvey

Eva-Maria Hauck-Grasselli

Constance LaRoe Helwig '73 and David R. Helwig '73

Thomas W. '73 and Katherine M. Hofmann

Mary F. Holahan '74M '78PhD and Luigi Caporaso

David E. and Kathleen A. Hollowell

Charles W. '75 and Patricia A. Horn

Marilyn Perry Jacobsen '72 and Raymond A. Jacobsen Jr. '71

Sarah Rickards Jastak '54M '63PhD

Terri Connor Kelly '83 and John B. Kelly '83

Carolyn Cochrane Kent '66M

Krishan K. and Krishna K. Khanna

Michael J. and Hannah G. Koziski

William M. '85 and Melissa G. Lafferty

Arthur '69 and Anne T. Layton

Rama S. '72M and Sashi Marda

Kathryn Moore Massau '57

Paul K. Mattheiss '61

Brigid Hawk McVaugh '74 and John B. McVaugh Jr. '71 '75M

Dennis and Karen L. Mehiel

Beverly J. C. '98 and David L. Mills

Sepehr Mostaghim '70 and Nancy Waite Mostaghim '69

Janice L. Pehrson '67 and Kristyan Panzica

David A. Plastino '78

Paul H. '73 and Denise B. Schipper

Robert L. Siegfried Jr. '81 and Kathleen Horgan Siegfried '85

Gary A. Smith '80 and Carol Mertes-Smith '74

Donald L. Sparks

David W. and Lisa A. Spartin

Mary Sturges Dodge '73 and Thomas A. Evans

Marna Cupp Whittington '68 '17H and Thomas D. Whittington Jr. '69

Thomas B. '72 and Judy B. Willing

Charles C. III '71 and Barbara N. Allen

John L. Anderson '67 '21H and Patricia Siemen Anderson '67

Lee G. Anderson and Sheila Bobbs Anderson '92M

Michael J. Axe

Karl E. and Kristin A. Bennett

Chip Bixler '72 '74M and Doris Hogentogler Bixler '71 '80M

Robert A. Blake Jr. '75 '80M

James C. and Marcia A. Borel

Sharon Wilkerson Brittingham '70 '09EdD

B. Vance Carmean Jr. '62 and Kathleen Hager Carmean '64

Mary Jane Carroll

Beth Monaghan Cohen '89 and Matthew C. Cohen '89

James C. Jr. '97M and Tina L. Collins

John R. Collins '80 and Margaret Pierce Collins '80

Howard E. Jr. '70M '18H and Joyce O. Cosgrove

Richard A. '73 and Nina S. Costello

James J. Jr. '89 and Amy Doherty

Nicholas M. Donofrio

John R. Felten '64

Ruth R. '93PhD and Edmund A. Flexman

Eric Foss

Diana Foster-Jones and Thomas H. Jones

James B. Foulk '59 and Nancy Woodward Foulk '60

Mary Kay Friend

Sarah Ives Gore '76M

Stephen M. Grimble '66

Evelyn R. Hayes

Pierre du Pont Hayward and Martina Combs Hayward '74

Howard E. Hudson Jr. '63 and Patricia Coyne Hudson '63

Vance V. Kershner '79

Dorothea Kakavas Klapinsky '60 and Raymond J. Klapinsky '60

Gerald C. Kratz '67

Patricia B. Laird

Susan B. Lee '72 and Don LaHaye

Christopher K. and Jayne S. Malfitano

Evelyn M. Maurmeyer '74M '78PhD

Paul M. '74 and Linda R. McConnell

Alfred L. Minite '80 and Susan Gilman Minite '80

Terry F. Neimeyer '77 and Mary Luckring Neimeyer '77

Jay R. '65 and Louise D. O'Donald

Richard J. Plasket '71

Mary A. Pusey '66

Robin Burschlag Pzena '81 and Richard S. Pzena

W. Eric '69 and Judith M. Roberson

Monona Rossol

Fred P. Jr. '63 and Madeleine T. Rullo

Edward B. Samuel

Erwin M. and Karen L. Saniga

Josee H. Scheer

Dawn Mayers Schieffer '85 and William H. Schieffer '84

Gary W. Schmelz '64M '70PhD and Bernice Davies Schmelz '69M

James A. Sears '70 and Suzanne McMahon Sears '78

H. Rodney Sharp III '60 and Lynn Herrick Sharp

Kenneth C. Shelin Jr. '61

Robert W. '83 and Teresa O. Smith '83

A. Gilchrist III '21H and Mimi Sparks

Dennis and Linda Stillwell

Susan P. Stroman '76 '05H

Thomas W. Van Grofski '66 '68M

Sean X. Wang '92PhD and Monica Meng-Ling Ho '90M

William C. Allen '72 and W. Cannon Spotswood

Merry Ellen Evens Alls '69 and Ralph T. Alls '66 '69M

Michael A. and Janet H. Arenson

Eleni and Dennis Assanis

Christopher W. Baker '89 and Carole Fleetwood Baker '89

David W. Baldt '71 and Sandra Borror Baldt

Brian Bennett

Susan L. Best PE '76 and Francis S. Talarowski Jr. '75

Bradford M. Bono '91 and Jennifer Hobbs Bono '97

Daniel J. and Shelley Boyce

W. Michael Bryant '59

Marie DiNenno Burton '84 and Charles L. Burton

Mark W. Campbell '81

Margaret Canavan

Theodore H. Carski '86PhD and Janet C. Ruhl '92PhD

Lawrence R. '58 '66M and Barbara V. Catuzzi

John D. Childs '92M

Andrew R. '84 and Sharon D. Cichocki

David T. Corbishley '77

Flo Z. Costello

Paul N. Costello '66

Marian Bergan Cottrell '85 and Frederick L. Cottrell III '85

Neil H. and Elizabeth Cullen

William F. and Sarah C. D'Alonzo

Lauren Stevens Dambly '80 and Mark H. Dambly

Robert F. '80 and Kathy M. Deutsch '80

Joan Weiss Digby '65M

Robert V. III '88 and Brittany Donato

E. Bradford duPont Jr. '97M

Douglas J. Doren and Deborah B. Ehrenthal

Robert S. Ehrlich '95M and Marion Stern Ehrlich '78M

John E. '87 and Jennifer Eckerson

David V. Elkins '91 and Daniele Dougherty Elkins '91

Jennifer J. Enright-Ford '77

Beverly W. Finch

Mildred Williams Fleck '76

Barbara Kopystecki Flynn '67 and John H. Flynn IV

Vance A. Funk III '65 and Elaine Trzcinski Funk '69

Chaitanya R. '06M and Suneela Gadde

Carey Sebastian Gillis '98 and Dixon F. Gillis

Donald L. Gouge Jr. '80

Christopher J. '84 and Anna R. Guttilla

Janet M. Haines

Sandra Meitner Hammonds '87 and Bruce L. Hammonds

Kent Herrick

Daniel Hildreth

John R. Horne '94

Richard F. '61 and Laura H. Humphreys

Martina Hund-Mejean and Bruno J. Mejean

Jengyuan J. Hwang '81PhD '83M

Richard S. '92 and Kara P. Hyman

Victor R. Kalman D.O. and Denise A. DiPrimio-Kalman D.O.

Jack Kramer '82 and Brenda Pasapane Kramer '83

Rita Mariani Landgraf '80 and Kurt M. Landgraf

Ellen Arnow Lipson '71

Mark L. Lipson '70 '72M

Robert E. Lyons

Sandra G. Magers

George M. and Judith A. Marcus

Sandra P. Mather

Sharon R. and Mark J. Mayr

Wayne E. McCabe '57

Michael R. McMullen '84 and Dolores Byrne McMullen '83

R. Peter '63 and Jane R. Mercer

Jack L. '62 and Maggie M. Messman

Gail Kauffman Meucci '59

Martin S. '96 and Terri L. Micklin

Karen Williams Miller '77 and Kurt A. Miller

Bernard D. Murphy '75

Terence M. and Julie Ann Murphy

Philip V. Newcomb '80

Francis A. Palermo '79

Gordon A. '56 and Suzanne H. Pfeiffer

Augustus D. Pierce Jr.

Thomas H. '81 and Joanne M. Pike

Robert L. Pritchett '61

Alice D. Reilly

Michael J. '91 and Christina M. Renna

John Riabov '75 and Darelle Lake Riabov '73

Stanley I. Sandler and Ellen I. Pifer

Edmond J. Sannini '78 and Coni Frezzo '78

Karen Kozlowski Sawka '90 '94M and Gregory J. Sawka '94M

Janice A. Seitz

Michael K. '99 and Lisa Shindle

Diane Amberg Silverman '66 and Alan M. Silverman '68 '80M

Heather Smith Linton '76

Barbara Kelly Smith '64 and Harold Denman Smith II '64

Joan P. Snyder '78

Lynn Snyder-Mackler

Patricia C. '58 and Ethan A. Stenger Jr. '57

Sabina Bobzin Stern '71 and Andrew M. Stern '70

Stephen E. Stockwell '68 and Patricia Tase Stockwell '68

Daniel B. '78 and Carol A. Strickberger

Irene Hooton Talley '69 '73M '89PhD

William R. '59 and Beverly F. Taylor

Douglas A. '79 and Catherine A. Treco

Krishna and Lakshmi Vaddi

Glen J. '91 and Staci Weiss

William F. and Ann Marie Willard

John L. Williams

B. Wells Rusteberg Willis '71 and David A. Willis '71

Jacqueline Winn-O'Neill '01 and James B. O'Neill

J. Peter Wolf III '91 and Christine Bradley Wolf '92

Burton A. Abrams and Karen G. Venezky

Norman N. and Phyllis W. Aerenson

Jeffrey M. '87 and Cynthia Alecci

Edwin W. Anderson Jr. '66

Raymond D. '76 and Melanie S. Andrews

Barbra Frank Andrisani '68

Virginia Larson Appleby '55

Toby Armour

Lyn B. Arnold '77 '79M

Robert E. Ashby '77 and Sandra Keene Ashby '77

Carmela and Stephen H. Asnis

Amelia Augustus '59

Marybeth Hurlbutt Auletto '87 and John P. Auletto '87

Jeremie M. Axe '04

Stacey Hondry Bacchieri '82

Ann Massey Badmus '84 and Taoreed O. Badmus '90PhD

Vesselin V. Bakalov '99 and Tanya Sheigunova Bakalov '04

Scott A. Barber '96 and Krista King Barber '96

Kenneth E. '89M '92PhD and Lisa C. Barner

Kimberly Hannan Beattie '87 and Steven C. Beattie '87

Stephen F. Betz '87 and Susan M. Baxter

Stuart and Catriona Binder-Macleod

Kathleen Brenneman Bishop '86M and John B. Bishop

Mary Ann Hangen Blair '66 '82M and Joseph D. Blair

Antoinette Bonaviso

Neil W. '99 and Sharon Book

Fran Borgenicht

Frank and Melissa F. Borelli

Robert Bosch

Sandra Spence Bowman '04 and J. Michael Bowman

Carol A. '79 and John S. Boyer '79

Alan L. '73 and Joann M. Brayman

David E. Brown Jr.

Paul F. '83 and Lisa Brown

Rita Mazzotta Brown '84 and Mark B. Brown

Ronald A. Brown Jr.

Ronald E. '82 and Janet S. Bruehlman

Scott L. '80 and Helane Brunner

Kathryn D. Burke

David T. Buzzelli '66M

Ryan T. '95 and Johanna M. Caplan

Blair R. Carmean '88 and Cheryl Spartz Carmean '87

Robert L. '66 and Ruth E. Carmean

Nitin Champaneria '77M

Arthur B. Chase '62

Joseph '92 and Jiang Y. Chen

Carol L. Christensen

Christopher J. Christie '84 '11H and Mary Pat Foster Christie '85

JoAnne Brown Cianci '88 and Chris Cianci

Charlotte Coates-Wilkes

Eugene Coggins

Abigail Steel Conley '04 and Scott M. Conley '07

Jerry L. Cotlov '74 and Linda A. Olson

John R. '88 and Susan L. Craft

David W. Critics '85 '96M and Angela Bloch Critics '85 '96M

Russell L. Crook '72 and Donna Murray Crook '72

Thomas S. Cross '73 and Frances Serba Cross '74

Gary D. Curl '74 '76M and Carol Jones-Curl

Daniel J. Curran Jr. '80PhD

Rick and Kelly D'Emilia

Isabelle Manwiller Davis '67 and Paul E. Davis '67

Dennis M. '99 and Kelly C. DeBusschere

Charles A. and Kathleen Delligatti

Claire M. DeMatteis '87 and Michael T. Marquardt

David A. '78 and Leslie A. Denny

John M. Devenney Jr. '70 and Ann Richard Devenney '70

Dominic M. and Marilyn F. Di Toro

Charley D. and Sheila W. Dickey

Kim Dietz

Thomas G. Dietz '77 and Elizabeth Tucker Dietz '77

Steven G. and Deborah A. Dignan

Christopher R. '95 and Danielle D. Dohl

Allison Fish Dolan '76

Gregory G. '96 and Catherine C. Doyle

Henry B. du Pont IV and Roniece A. Brulotte-du Pont

Steven D. Duncan

W. Noel Einolf '71PhD

John G. and Lisa J. Elias

Gerard J. '86 and Donna M. Emery

Richard E. Emmert '52M '54PhD

Christine M. Evans '69 '90M '08EdD

Phil '57M and Ruth V. Evans

Gail Ramsey Everett '85M

Alyson Brown Filippone '01 and Christopher S. Filippone

Paul '60 and Gloria Fine

Peter D. Finkel

Susan R. Finkel '77 '84M

D. Ross Fischer '69 and Penny Hesseltine Fischer '70

Peter J. and Marie E. Fitzpatrick

Kathi Hetrick Foltyn '81 and Theodore J. Foltyn '81

Frank S. Fountain

Nancy G. Frederick

Carol Van Dyke Freer '68

Gerard J. Frenze and Kimberly Corrigan

Mary Lou Tagliareni Fyrwald '81 and J. Erik Fyrwald '81

Julia H. Gaisser

Richard J. '87 and Michelle D. Gannon

Karen A. '96 and Geoffrey C. Gardner '96

Susan Gell Hugel '73 '74M and David H. Hugel

Chuni Ghosh

Larry and Lynn M. Giacchino

Howard C. Giles Jr. '63

Lloyd A. '67PhD and Grace T. Goettler

Wendy M. Goldberg '96

Scott K. '76 and Maryann Goodell

Robin Gordon

Eric L. '76 and Ilean L. Grayson

Michael J. and Nicole Graziano

Andrea Gregory-Schoen and Gary L. Schoen

Edward G. Grochowski '59

Sheryl L. '79 and Steven L. Grogg

Patricia Kilbane Hall '78M and Thomas E. Hall '78

Claire Zernoski Hangen '65 and Richard E. Hangen '62

Patrick T. '16H and Emily S. Harker

Catherine Lennox Harrington '82 and Kevin J. Harrington '83

Beverly A. Harris '59

Jerrold B. and Bobbi Harris

Barbara Shaw Harrison '80 and William R. Harrison Jr. '79

Nancy L. Hayward

John K. Heitzenroder '93 and Elizabeth Bacon Heitzenroder '93

David M. '81 and Linda S. Heitzer

Scott C. '80 and Carolann B. Hennessy

Paul E. Hess '68 '92M and Joyce Jackson Hess '68

Christine Murowany Hidell '76 and Timothy B. Hidell

Robert H. '68 and Paula L. Hill

Thomas J. and Terri K. Hirschmann

Lou and Peg Hirsh

Teh C. Ho '77PhD and Wei Wei Hsu Ho '76M

Suzanne Patterson Holmes '67 '70M

Suzanne Lechthaler Hood '72 and Richard L. Hood

Dorothy M. Hurt

Mark P. and Karen S. Huston

Michele Messina Iannaccone '86

Galicano F. Jr. '85 '02M and Pia Inguito

Jeffrey M. Jacobs '80M and Wendy Linn Jacobs '83

Alexander Jenkins III

Charles E. '73 and Constance P. Joanedis

Michael T. Johnson

Lawrence J. Jones III '81 and Linda Laskowski Jones '83 '88M

Russell B. Jr. and Donnan Sharp Jones

Stanley R. '56M and Rosemary H. Jones

Andrew R. Jordan III '91 and Stacey Farias Jordan '92

Prasanna V. '98PhD and Sonali P. Joshi

Richard S. Kahlbaugh '84 and Pamela J. Wolfe Kahlbaugh

David A. Katz

Elan P. Keller '94 and Doreen Blake Keller

Gail D. '71 and Richard H. Keller '71

Mary Bilek King '65 and Mark O. (Ollie) King '62

Merritt C. Jr. '60 '66M and Alberta B. Kirk

Lothar W. '72M and Donna H. Kleiner

Jeffrey N. '93 and Irene Jean Werner Kleintop

Steven J. Klepper '85

David W. and Linda W. Knowles

Michael S. Koppenhaver '94

Robert E. Kraft

Avelina Kramedas

Anne Feeney Krauss '78 and Joseph G. Krauss '78

Howard G. and Rochelle H. Kristol

Wayne S. Kursh '75 and Barbara A. Brown

Harlan Landes '98

Janet Trott Leath '81 and Steven Leath '81M

Grace Thompson Leong '88 and Todd T. Leong '86

Howard B. and Pamela A. Lewis

Karl E. '99 and Amy E. Lieberman

Susan Fehnel Lotz '80 and Gregory G. Lotz

Donald J. Jr. '66 and Carol M. Lowe

Richard '09M and Marcella A. Lynch

Catharine N. Lyons

Kirk D. '90M '93PhD and Constance M. Malloy

A. David Mangelsdorff '72M '72PhD

Guy F. Marcozzi '85 '89M and Christine Jaworski Marcozzi '87

Suzanne Lawless Marvel '75 and Stanley W. Marvel III '76

Chris '91 and Denise K. Mauthe

William G. '72 and Linda Mavity

Robin Lucas Mayhew '86 and Keith R. Mayhew '83

Robert J. Jr. '67 and Katherine S. McCarter

Carolyn M. McNeice '68 '81M

Sean P. McVey '92 and Jennifer Gatti McVey '92

W. Jay '81 and Kathleen G. Meany

Lucille Grimes Meissner '71M '76PhD

Linda Pickett Mercner '85 and W. Randolph Mercner '78

Freeman and Lois E. Miller

James B. Miller and Cheryl Nakao-Miller

G. Willy Jr. '70 and Stacey P. Miranda

Rosalia Miranda

Francis A. Monaco Jr. '78

Robin W. Morgan and James R. Damewood Jr.

Sue Waterloo Morgan '76 and Drexel D. Morgan II

L. Michael Moskovis and Dorothy J. Selinger Moskovis

Fiona P. Murray

John J. Jr. '73 and Paula J. Murray

Colleen C. '76 and Mark E. Nagel '75

Carolyn C. Narasimhan

Charles F. and Cindy S. Nelson

Jim and Lorraine Nelson

Edward A. Nickerson

Debra Hess Norris '77 '80M and Robert W. Norris Jr. '77

James E. Orr Jr. '49

Maureen Cawley Ortega '98

Charlotte Orth '64

Gerald O'Sullivan

Robert A. Oswald

Thomas M. Overbaugh '99M

Sharon M. Palermo

Michael G. Paszkiewicz '87 and Maureen Sullivan Paszkiewicz '88

James D. Paulk Jr.

Mary Ellen Payne '78 '80M

Roy C. Perry '77 and Jacqueline Bryant Perry

Elizabeth M. Perse and Jeffrey A. Bergstrom

Kristanne Connors Pond '78

Ralph D. Popp '67M '71PhD and Robin E. Mockenhaupt

Carol A. Post '91M

Kristin Shannon Price '88 and David W. Price '90

Joseph J. Purzycki '71 '77M and Sharon Kirk Purzycki '71

Michael S. '67 and Elizabeth R. Purzycki

Reed E. Pyeritz '68 and Jane E. Tumpson

Nancy J. Pyle

Kuangnan Qian '90PhD

Stephanie Seeger Rarick '93 and Tate J. Rarick '93

Edward C. Ratledge '71 '72M

Daniel R. '86 and Cheryl K. Reeder

Claire M. Renzetti '77 '79M '82PhD

Daniel '21H and Nancy S. Rich

Emily-May Fisher Richards '69 and James H. Richards '69

Mariana S. Richards

Sanford L. and Kathryn I. Robbins

Richard G. Robinson '80

Gregory T. '91 and Kristi Rogerson

Vicki L. Rollo

Anne Ratledge Rosenberger '64

Robert J. III '94 and Lisa Rush

Michael S. '96 and Melissa Ryan

John K. Ryder '86 and Suzette Asbury Ryder '86

Lisa R. Sammaritano and Robert D. Selvaggio

Mary Ellen Schauber '80 and Edward J. Stegemeier '66

David G. '77 and Gail R. Schechter

Michele Jacecko Scheetz '87 and Rick S. Scheetz '87

Richard W. '86PhD and Jaime Schneider

Chip G. Schussler '79

Janice Louise '82 and Geoffrey B. Sears

Michael B. '87 and Julie E. Seitel

James W. Sennott '63

Rahul and Sonia Shah

William M. '69 and Elizabeth A. Sharp

Stephen W. '86 and Susan F. Shaw

Michael W. Shone '77 '93M and Sharon Micucio Shone '78

Thomas F. '06 and Stephanie A. Shumosic

Arlene M. Simon

Pamela Snyder Simpson '97

Michael E. Sipple '83 '85M and Patricia Unruh Sipple '84

James W. and Patricia A. Skeans

Anthony T. Skiadas '91

Jessica R. Sliwerski

Courtney Smith Goodrich '93 '95M and Scott T. Gilliland

Frederick G. and Vanessa Smith

Robert F. and Claire O. Smith

Scott R. Somerville '76 and Mary Nash Somerville '76

Alfred H. Speers Jr. '66M

Jerome Spivack '57 and Stefanie Klahr Spivack '58

Adrian L. Jr. and Karen L. Steel

James C. Stein

David F. '97 and Laura J. Stern

James A. Stewart '75 '77M

William and Helen C. Stimson

Kathryn W. Supina '10

Megan L. Supina '11 '15M

Richard P. '79 and Martha W. Supina

Gordon P. Sweeney Jr. '80 and Linda Lawler Sweeney '80

Douglass F. and Christine Taber

Richard B. and Marilyn H. Taylor

Nina Foss Teixido '81 and Xavier A. Teixido

Levi T. Jr. '81 and Maria A. Thompson

Robert M. Thompson Jr. '81 and Barbara Barrow Thompson

Trudie E. Thompson and David Welch

George J. and Mary M. Torggler

Elaine Isaacs Townsend '66

Angela Tsionas '90 and Anagnostis Matulas

Georgia Tsionas-Halakos '88 and Demitrios Halakos

Robert '85 and Rabbit Tullman

Parker E. Tupin '76M

Charles J. and Susan S. Vallone

William E. Jr. '92 and Melissa G. Vergantino

Nicholas H. '88M '92PhD and Sarah M. Vrolijk

Michael P. '91 and Pamela P. Wallace

Francis M. '80 and Joanne G. Walton

C. Russell '91 and Pamela P. Ward

John P. Jr. and Lea C. Ward

David L. Warnock '80 and Michele Speaks

Sharon L. Watkins '86 '93M

George H. '85PhD and Norine K. Watson '93 '97M

David F. '81 and Heidi A. Welch

Sherry Leslie Wenger '77M '79PhD

Wayne C. Westerman '99PhD

John W. White

Julie Mapes Wilgen and Michael C. Wilgen

Susan P. Willig '74

Mary Jane and Bill H. Willis Jr.

James A. and Michele A. Wingrave

John M. Witheford '51

Connie Cook Wittig '85 and Robert G. Wittig '86

Nancy W. and John R. Wolak

Ping Xu '94M '99M and Faye Loh Xu '97M

Ertan Yenicay

Michael J. Zankowsky '88 and Linda Stewart Zankowsky '83M '06EdD

Nasir Adderley '19

Paul M. Altero '96

Maryellen F. Andersen

Damian M. '95 and Jennifer M. Andrisani

Terry Arnold

Gregory W. Antal '79 '86M

Marc P. Ashby '09 and Sarah Linn Ashby '11

Alan S. '87 and Ivette A. Atkinson

Brian F. '80PhD and Frances DeMarco Atwater

George B. Aulen '68

Victoria J. Baker '77

Ronald H. '69 and Jane W. Ball

Barbara J. Bass

Udit Batra '91 and Indira Malik Batra

Kathlyn Card Beckles '97 and Kevin A. Beckles

Lydia I. Beebe and Charles E. Doyle

John M. Jr. '98M and Susan E. Beeson

Corinne A. Behen

James T. '93 and Ciara O. Belliveau

Judy Johnson Bennett '63

Michael C. Bennett '00

Barry I. '88 and Christine S. Berger

Kathryn E. Bisaro

Rolin P. and Avery B. Bissell

Craig C. '91 and Maria Black

Elwood D. Black '73 and Margorie Anderson Black '74

Renate E. Boer

Jean Cozza Bonney '62

Margaret Bigelow Bottorff '92M and Kyle J. Bottorff

Paul J. Bracaglia '81 '83M and Natalie Hynansky Bracaglia '83

Howard W. Bradnock

John J. Brelus '78

John A. Brennan III

Steven W. Brockel '72 and Mary Jo Citro Brockel '72

Catherine Bromilow

Janet Gardner Broske '87M

Charlotte Waterbury Brown '81 and Robert L. Brown III

Stephen L. Brown

William L. and Joann E. Browning

Eric Brucker '63 and Sharon Bowerman Brucker '75M

I. G. III and Jullie Burton

Terrell W. Bynum '63

Raymond Callahan

Ellen Cannon '76

Dennis Carey '71 '73M

Karen Carlson '74 and Evelyn Livani Carlson '75

Janice M. Carper '75

Albert F. Carter III '88

Anita Sorensen Carter '89 '97M and Scott R. Carter '90 '98M

Elizabeth Miller Carter '88

Allison Burris and Julio C. Castellanos '12

Steven M. '77 and Margaret W. Castorani

Mary Futty Celine '74 '80 and Lawrence G. Ohran

Michael J. and Elizabeth A. Chajes

Alice Chao and Samuel Quek

D. Bruce and Jamie S. Chase

Michael and Monica L. Chernow

Pei C. and Chia-Chyi S. Chiu

Mary C. Christman '79M and Robert E. Palmer '80PhD

H. Nichols Blake Clark '75M '82PhD

Meghan Kelly Cleaver '98 and Craig R. Cleaver '98

Joanne M. Cocks

Joshua Cohen

Robert B. Cohen '72

Joan F. Coker

Charles H. Collier III '65 and Joanne Hench

Suzanne Smith Collins '95EdD

Richard K. Corcoran '98

Christa Cornell

Ellen Kawalek Crowe '86 and Michael A. Crowe '86

James B. Cummins III and Marina Thompson Cummins

David W. Curtis '87M and Donna Eaton Curtis '84M

William B. and Adriana B. Daniels

Steven '69 and Dorothea A. Danyluk

Olin B. Jr. '76 and Diane D. Davis

Hannelore Dawson-Holt and Jerry R. Holt

Colmcille '96 and Stephanie L. DeAscanis

Thomas F. Jr. '77PhD and Anne R. Degnan

Steven W. '90 and Tania Dempsey

Fei Deng

Kimberly Olsen Derrickson '86

Robert W. Derrickson '71

Theresa Diamond

Justin R. DiAngelo '02

James S. Dick '59

Heiddy M. '13 '13M and Frank DiGregorio Jr.

Susan Dion

Mark A. '83 and Amanda J. DiRienz

Tony DiStefano

John R. and Karen Dollmeyer

Steven A. Dombchik

Neal J. '96 and Lisa Donaldson

Donna Warner Donat '95 and David T. Donat '97 '00M

Nicole M. Donofrio

Scott R. '73 '76M and Elizabeth A. Douglass

Susan R. Duer

Marianne Kingsbury Eleuterio '71PhD and Herbert S. Eleuterio

Gloria Granfield Eppig '87 and Stephen S. Eppig '86

Eric A. Evans '02 and Jessica Rookard Evans '02

Bruce E. '71 '72M and Susan S. Fad

David P. and Helen P. Fields

Paul A. Jr. '92 and Shannon Fioravanti

Robert A. Fischer Jr. '70 and Linda Marshall Fischer '70

George L. '61M and Patricia J. Fish

Alan G. Fleck '89 and Carol Cogswell Fleck '90

Nancy McAdam Fleming

Sheree Gehman Fleming '79 and Gerald J. Fleming

John V. Flynn Jr. '64 and Mary Lou Lobaccaro Flynn '64

Margaret M. Foran

Anne C. Foster

Jane Roe Fox '71M '85M and Stover L. Babcock

Catherine Corey Franceschini '90 and Thomas C. Franceschini '90

Mary A. Francis

Daniel J. Freeman and Jill Floore

Suzan and Manuel Freitas

Patricia Going Frey '76 and Philip C. Frey

Alan and Susan Fuerstman

Donald R. Jr. '88 and Kelly A. Gallagher

John M. '92 and Teresa L. Gallagher

Patrick C. '71 and Rebecca L. Gallery

James V. '78 and Annette Gardella

James M. Gardner

Kathleen T. and Robert E. Garrett Sr.

Joann Wesson Gaul '78 and John G. Gaul '78

Clavel Albay Gempesaw '82M '91PhD and Conrado M. Gempesaw II

Donna L. Gerst '91M and Glenn J. Hardcastle

Douglass P. Gianforte '84 and Jan Gardner Gianforte '84

Leslie Gilbert Gillin '91 and Stephen Gillin

Joseph E. Gilmour '66 '70M

Amber Reynolds Glassman '11 and Edward R. Glassman

Nicole Gordon

Tomas M. Gordon '96

Jennifer A. Gregan and Paul G. Stratman

Daniel J. II '70 '72M '76PhD and Patricia G. Grim

George F. Haenlein '60M

Mary Hastings Hager '71 and Douglas F. Hager

Elaine Lowe Handloff '74 '91M and Richard M. Handloff

Susan C. Handy

David B. '67 and Marilyn S. Harcum

Janet Snyder Harford '60

Kathleen Vollmar Hawkins '89 and James F. Hawkins

Barbara Hebner

Linda A. and Kevin J. Henker

D. Charles Herak '85 '94M

Jeffrey L. Herbert '01 and Yadira A. Ramos-Herbert

Lemuel C. III and Judy A. Hitchens

Mary Ann Hitchens '67 '71M

Norman N. Hochgraf '54M '56PhD

Anita H. Hodson

Arlene Dresch Hogan '76 and Bruce M. Hogan

Robert D. '56 and Carolyn D. Hooper

Stephen R. '98 and Dale E. Hoops

Joanne Lynch Horn '68 and Al Horn

Brandi M. Horvath

Kerri M. Horvath

Kevin L. '90 and Kirsten F. Howard

Sheila M. Hudson

Loneve M. Humbert and Bradley R. Aronstam

David Hutton '67 and Susan Deppert Hutton '67

Karen M. Ingram

Thomas W. Isherwood '06 '06M

Carolyn Bockius Jackson '96

Joseph V. Jerkovich '62 and Janet Coote Jerkovich '63

Cedrick A. '95 and Dawn N. Johnson

Edgar N. Johnson Jr. '67 '70M and Karen Pawlina Johnson '72

Terri Jeffries Jones '99

Robert P. '59 and Barbara W. Jones

Barbara Katz

Barry S. and Reiko Kayne

James A. Keller '93 and Amanda Aronoff

Eric J. Kelmelis '99 '04M and Katharine Salerno Kelmelis '00

Paul H. '70 and Sally V. Kimpel

Sarah Powers Kirn '90 and Edward W. Kirn III

Dennis E. and Sandra M. Klima

John F. '77 '81M '90 and Amelia Knarr

Barbara J. Knowles

Charles W. Koenig '54 and Sandra Jones Koenig '58

Maria N. Kohler-Mockbee

Ann M. Koontz '62 and Vincent L. Smeriglio

Ronald W. '69PhD and Barbara Kreis

Paul P. Jr. '86 and Dr. Linda L. Krishna

Masanori and Ayako Kubota

Deborah L. Kurland

Robert A. '99 and Danielle LaForte

Jeffrey E. Lang '84M and Karyn Devenney Lang '99

Geoff M. Langdon

Peter A. and Dana Langerman

Christine Larsen

James R. Laser '69

Rosemary Eckerd Lassiter '65 and Ted Lassiter

William Lauder

Gregory F. Lavelle '87 and Ruth Knapp Lavelle '87 '97M

Katherine W. Lee '97 and Michael C. Quirk

Andrew J. and Meredith Leeson

Abraham M. and Roleen T. Lenhoff

Ralph R. '85M and Sandy Leon

Alan B. and Ellen K. Levin

Linda Rowe Lewis '73 '80M '08M and Jerome R. Lewis

Bryce M. Lingo '75

Don R. '72 '74M and Carol V. Linsenmann

Nisha and Parag J. Lodhavia

Dianne Dardes Loeb '79 and Stephen B. Loeb

Susan A. and Richard J. Loether

Nancy Beltz Lomax '71

Hope '91 '97M '00PhD and Robert M. Longwell-Grice

Kent E. and Gina E. Lonsdale

David M. Lukoff '68

Richard M. Jr. '99 and Colleen M. Lunsford

Emily M. MacDonald-Korth '11M

James J. and Patricia A. Magee

William E. Manning '73 and Martha Luce Manning '73

Rebecca A. and Francis Marino

David B. and Martha Martin

Charles E. Mason and Kathleen J. Tinney

Edric R. Jr. '68 and Mary Ellen Mason

Katherine F. Mawdsley '61 '64M

Steven D. Mayer '83 and Carol Traynor-Mayer '83

Georgia and S. James Mazarakis

Kathleen Filliben McCoy '80 and D. Scott McCoy

Carey McDaniel '94

John L. McDonald Jr. '89

Michael F. McGrath '73M and Linda Derr McGrath '77

Madelyn J. Mertz

Suzanne Goldstein Michel '86 and Gary S. Michel '86

James H. '77 and Gail Miller

Shirley Phillips Miller '69M

Jessica Cincotta Moore '95 and Kenneth T. Moore '95

Tami L. Morachnick '80 and Mark S. Greenberg

Lynn Olson Morgan '78 '87M and Thomas A. Morgan '91

Richard and Meg Morgan

Jeremy A. Moskowitz '94 and Laura Rubinstein

Britton H. and Janice H. Murdoch

Clella B. Murray

Linda Justice Myrick '77 and Steven R. Myrick '77

Katharine D. Newman '93 '02M

Chaoying Ni '97PhD and Yi-Wei Dai '98

Carol A. Nigro '97M '09PhD and Charles T. Isaacs

Frank W. Nobles '97M and Sally A. Humphrey

Indra Nooyi

Lynn R. Okagaki

Christine Riley Okoniewski '90

Francis J. Okoniewski III

Renee G. O'Leary

Annette Murray Orella '83 and Charles J. Orella '82M

Peter S. O'Sullivan '84 and Karen A. Fletcher '81 '82M

Cordell M. and Lynnette Y. Overby

Marq R. '73M '78PhD and Vivian Ozanne

Anabel Panayotti

Eleftherios T. and Maria C. Papoutsakis

John W. and Linda S. Paradee

Janet M. Parsons

Maryanne Marchesani Parsons '82 and Leo D. Parsons

Rikin D. Patel

William L. Jr. '60 and Mary O. Payne

JaMel Perkins

Eugene Petracca Jr. and Geralyn Cannella

Glenn A. '78 and Sue Pfeil

Robert J. Phelan '73M

C. Taylor Pickett Jr. '84 and Laura L. Stees Pickett

Brooks H. '94 and Marian Pierce

Nathaniel H. and Yvonne L. Puffer

Jamie L. Quirk

Veronica G. Raidy

Charles T. '71 and Dariece M. Rau

Chrissi Rawak and Glenn Hill

William E. Regan III '86

Eugene A. and Aprile A. Renna

Lisa M. Reshaur '95M '98PhD

BethAnne H. and David G. Reynolds

Rachel M. Reynolds '20

Ruth Johnson Reynolds '64 '97M

Barbara Richter '80

Douglas P. and Julie B. Ridge

Dee A. Ridgeway '98

Kenneth L. Rieth '53

Jane Morrow Rigg '79 and Jeffrey T. Rigg

Anne Churchill Rinehart Lewis '59 '68

John H. '80 and Elke K. Rittenhouse

Bruce C. Robertson '89PhD

Louis E. Roemer '55 '63M '67PhD

Jeffrey W. Rollins

Michele Rollins

Richard C. Romano '56M '58PhD

David P. Roselle '08H and Louise Dowling Roselle '08H

Joanne Grillo Rosenberg '88 and Michael Rosenberg '88

Thomas L. and Nancy P. Sager

Brenda M. Sanders '81PhD and Kenneth Jenkins

Peter H. Sargent '90 and Amy Blejwas Sargent '91

Laura Shore Savage '79 and David B. Savage

Jason M. and Jennifer M. Savarese

Lori Wachter Schell '97 and Christopher H. Schell

Ami R. Schiess '97 and Andy Peay

Elaine Madara Scholz '93

Andrew D. '93 and Rachel Schwartz

Matthew T. Schwartz '01 and Felicia Kaye Schwartz '01

Linda E. Scott

Susan L. Scotto Dyckman '82M and Christopher R. Dyckman '87M

Valerie M. Seeger

Barbara Halliday Settles

Qaisar and Monika H. Shafi

Wendy and Joseph Sheetz

Robert M. and Betty W. Shellenbarger

Karl W. Shuler '75 '78 and Susan Lundblad Shuler '74

Carren B. and Dean S. Shulman

Carolyn Stevenson Silicato '74 and Dennis E. Silicato '75

Robert J. '72 and Angela A. Singley

Floyd R. Smith III '74 and Diana Trimble Smith '74

Helen C. Sparks

Karen Steele

Myron T. Steele '14H

Ruth Fede Stetson '93M

Mark Stewart '78 and Mary Gay Scanlon

Joseph J. Straight '98

Trish Taylor '84

Monica M. Taylor Lotty and Brendan Lotty

Henry B. and Kay M. Thomas

Joseph B. Thomas

Carolyn Thompson Thoroughgood '65

Joseph B. '86M '14PhD and JoAnn M. Townsend

P. Coleman Townsend Jr. '69 and Susan Marshall Townsend '95

Sharon Hunsicker Tripodi '63

Howard W. '71 and Jill A. Trout

Allie R. Truskin

Scott Truskin and Abrea Goodman-Truskin

E. Norman '03H and Suzanne J. Veasey

Nicole C. Vicinanza '89 and David P. Arnott '89

Richard C. '93 and Alison L. Volpe

Donald J. Wagner '73 and Estelle K. Tulloss Wagner '73

Norman J. Wagner and Sabine Banerjee-Wagner

Florence M. and Richard L. Waibel

Joan E. Wainwright '82 and Jerome P. LeBlond '94

John E. Jr. '64 and Barbara C. Wallace

Jennifer Walsh Hamrahi '96

Scott H. '00M and Sarah C. Walter

Carol J. Ward

Rodman Ward III and Gina Farabuagh Ward

Bruce W. and Teresa R. Weber

Charles E. '67 and Beth A. Weil

Michele Davison Whetzel '84 and Robert W. Whetzel '81

Lynn Dockety Wilson '63

Clarence Wolf

William E. Wolf '01 and Laura Rauch Wolf '02

David M. Wolfenden '88 '00M

Mark A. Woodmansee

Jennifer Lewis Woodruff '93 and Robert A. Woodruff Jr. '93

Lynda D. Woolard '85

Robin Neuhauser Wray '80

Ming Xu '93M and Jun Wang

Christine Yang Schultz '00M '06EdD and David John Schultz

Martha Morris Yates '75 and David M. Yates '70 '76M

Andrea D. Youndt '87

Richard A. Zipser and Ulrike Diedenhofen

Ethel I. Anderson '47M '50PhD

Richard M. Appleby Jr.

Gregg Bacchieri

Linda A. Baer '64

Michael E. Bass '79

Maryemma B. Berry

Paul F. Berry Jr. '51

Catherine V. Bieber '56M

Homer L. Bieber

Frank C. Biesinger Jr. '43

W. Brooks Bigelow '65

Georgina M. Bissell

Karl W. Boer

Virginia C. Boyer '26

Paulette Mullings-Bradnock

Grace H. Brandon

Edward C. Brown

Donald L. Burris '57

R. R. M. Carpenter III

Mary K. Carpenter

Mae R. Carter

Robert C. Carter

Jenny H. Chase '60

Robert L. Christensen '60M

Janet L. Clark '51

Edmond A. Cocks

Nancy du Pont Cooch

Frank S. Craig Jr. '50

Jane Gordon Craig '49

Wilhelmina L. Craven

Major John D. De Martini '73M

Chester T. Dickerson Jr. '62 '64M

Sally D. Dickerson

John M. Digby

Nancy L. Diver

Rhoda S. Dombchik

Mildred E. Donovan

Russell R. Dynes

John R. Eagle '56

Edward L. Grinnan '50M '52PhD

Helen L. Eliason

Marilyn Marner Emmert '75

Katherine L. Esterly

James L. Everett '63

Allan R. Ferguson '65

Robert D. Fleck Jr. '69

Elizabeth W. Fountain

Herbert M. Fox '31

William L. Friend '58M

Thomas K. Gaisser

Guang R. Gao

Suzanne Auletto George '75 '78M

Peter J. Georges '62

Andrey A. Georgieff

Alexander F. Giacco Sr. '01H

Carolyn Boddorff Giles '64

Charlotte K. Glotzer

Elizabeth I. Goodyear

Lucile Roach Gransky '53

Walter Grunwald '62M

Hudson E. Gruwell

Jean D. Gruwell

Kipp T. Gutshall

Elizabeth Z. Haenlein

Richard C. Haines '57

John R. Hale

Maria M. Hale

Minerva A. Hall '34

Dr. Charles J. Harrington

Gladys M. Helm '41 '64M

Sally-Jo Helm '70

Betty H. Herring

Sally H. Higgins '48 '72M

Michael E. Holmes

Richard J. Horvath '68

Reverend Marvin H. Hummel '67M

Christopher P. Iannaccone '84

James E. Jefferson

Judith S. Switzer Jenkins '62

Caroline Kohn Keck

John F. Kinter III '53

Sarah M. Klivans

Robert C. Knowles

DeWayne E. Laird '73

James W. Laird '71

Lloyd H. Lewis '32 '33M

David F. Lyons Sr.

Dorothy G. Magers

Jack L. Massau

Carol Moore Mattheiss '60

Miriam D. McCauley

Nancy S. McCurdy

Wallace H. McCurdy

Donald R. McLaughlin '51

Donald L. McLellan '48

Jonnie J. McLellan

R. David Megee III '65

Otello Meucci

Dr. Mary Emily Miller '55

Stephen M. Mockbee '73

Ruth R. Montgomery '80

Sarah M. Moore

Dorothy L. Munroe '46M

Burnaby Munson '19H

Norma T. Murray

Anne Reilly Newcomb '80

Nancy C. Nicholson

Guillermo L. Ortega

J. Robert Parsons '64

Walter G. Peters

Marvin L. Peterson

Lynn Phelan

Edna P. Pierce

Dr. Enrico Louis Quarantelli

John E. Raidy '52

Kenneth J. Reckford

Donald H. Reiman

Helene Reiman

Robert H. Richards III

John E. Richter '56

M. Jane Wiley Richter '59

Theodora F. Rieth

Elizabeth G. Rosenberg

Ethel L. Sayre

Jacqueline S. Severns

William H. Severns Jr. '50PhD

Mrs. Hazell M. Smith

J. Rodman Steele Jr. '63

William J. Stegeman

Robert D. Talty '53PhD

Samuel J. Talucci '51

H. Alfred Tarrant Jr. '59M

H. Lloyd Taylor

W. David Teter

Elizabeth S. Schuerman '31 '33

Lloyd L. Thoms Jr.

Jay W. Toor

Ruth Arak Toor '53

Sherman L. Townsend

Daniel J. Tripodi '60 '63M

C. Franklin Tugend Jr. '40 '58M

Jacqueline Harding Van Grofski '63

Jean M. Watson '77

George A. Webber '58

Frank B. Wickes '59

Dale E. Wolf '19H

Ellen F. Wood '42

Edith Wormser


In addition to gifts from individuals, generous support from organizations makes a great impact at UD, helping us reach our ambitious Campaign goal.

Thank you to the many organizations that have chosen to support UD’s students, faculty, campus and programs. 

Below, we proudly recognize organizations that have contributed or committed $50,000 or more to the University from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2023.


H. Fletcher Brown Trust

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Unidel Foundation, Inc.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Bartol Research Foundation

The Cochran Family Foundation

Collegiate Housing Foundation - Delaware

Delaware Community Foundation

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Inc.

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Longwood Foundation, Inc.

PepsiCo, Inc.

University of Delaware Research Foundation, Inc.

American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Bentley Systems Incorporated

Bristol Myers Squibb

Christiana Care Health System

Community Foundation of New Jersey

David Bohnett Foundation

Delaware Council on Economic Education, Inc.

E.R. Squibb & Sons LLC

Edward C. Davis Trust

Elizabeth V. White Trust

ExxonMobil Foundation

Give Something Back Inc.

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

IRRC Institute

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Kelly Family Foundation Fund-CFNJ

Longwood Gardens, Inc.

National Philanthropic Trust

Open Up Resources

The Bernard Osher Foundation

Rama and Sashi Marda Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

SEI Giving Fund

SEI Private Trust Company

The Siegfried Group, LLP

T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving, Inc.

The WAY Foundation Inc.

U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

UD Alumni Association

Vanguard Charitable

W. M. Keck Foundation

American Endowment Foundation

American Online Giving Foundation

Anonymous Corporation

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Ayco Company, L.P.

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Bernard van Leer Foundation

Capital One Services, Inc.

The Carpenter Foundation, Inc.

Choptank Foundation

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Delaware Atlantis Foundation

Delaware Financial Education Alliance

Discover Financial Services, Inc.

Donner Canadian Foundation

Emerson Automation Solutions

Ernst & Young Foundation

The Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc.

Ford Motor Company

Harcourt M. & Virginia W. Sylvester Foundation

Helene Fuld Health Trust

I Could Do Great Things Foundation

II-VI Foundation

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kerith Foundation

La Fondation Sackler - The Sackler Foundation

MedImmune, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Oak Foundation U.S.A.

Phillip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation

Pi Kappa Alpha

R.R.M. Carpenter, III Charitable Lead Trust

Raymond James Charitable

Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Stockman Family Foundation Trust

TA Instruments, Inc.

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

United Way of Delaware

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Warrior Sports, Inc.

Welfare Foundation, Inc.

3D Systems, Inc.

The Air Products Foundation

Alliance Data Systems Corporation

Bancroft Construction Company

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Barton Malow/EDiS Joint Venture

BASF Corporation

Boeing Company

I. G. Burton and Co., Inc.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Inc.

Crystal Trust

Delaware Curative Workshop, Inc.

The Delaware Innovation Fund

Delta Eta Corp

Dow Chemical Company

DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC

E.T. International Inc.

EDiS Company

European Aeronautic Defense & Space Co.

ExxonMobil Corporation

First State Orthopaedics, P.A.

George A. Prouse Trust

Google, LLC

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

IKEA Foundation

Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics

Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Johnson & Johnson Family of Cos.

KCK Foundation

Kinetic Research Corporation

KPMG Foundation

The Laffey-Mchugh Foundation

LMTW Harmony Foundation of San Diego

Materials Sciences, LLC

McConnell Family Foundation

Meggitt Polymers & Composites

Merck & Company, Inc.

Merck Sharp & Dohme

The Mourning Dove Foundation

NVIDIA Corporation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Roland G. Paynter Trust

Sartorius Stedim  North America Inc.

Shake It Off Inc.

Spencer Foundation

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

Teva Pharmaceuticals

The George Judy Marcus Family Foundation

The LIpp Family Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Treco Foundation

Verizon Foundation

Whittington Seven Oaks Foundation

William Penn Foundation

Winifred J. Robinson Trust

3M Company

A. I. duPont Educ. & Char. Fund

ACRES Capital, LLC

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

AKC Fund, Inc.

Alice M. Van De Voort Trust

Alston & Bird LLP

Anne E. Overdeer Trust

Apple Inc.

ATI Physical Therapy

Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Bayer CropScience

Biogen, Inc.

Blue Hen Touchdown Club, Inc.

Borgenicht Foundation, Inc.

The Buccini/Pollin Group

Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.

CAF America

Cardio-Kinetics, Inc.

Chichester du Pont Foundation, Inc.

Christiana Rotary Club Foundation

Collins Charitable Foundation

Composites Automation LLC

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Corporation Service Company

Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc.

Dale and Clarice Wolf Foundation

David & Rayzella Spector Trust

Delaware Audubon Society

Delle Donne & Associates, Inc.

Deloitte Foundation

Delta Kappa Alumni of Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc.

Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Dow Corning Corporation

Ellice and Rosa McDonald FDN, Inc.

The Elmer R. Deaver Foundation

Exelon Generation Company LLC

FMC Corporation

Ford Research and Innovation Center

Fortegra Foundation

Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc.

Freeman Miller Family Donor Advised Charitable Contribution

Fuceltech Inc.

G.B. Sears Family Trust

Francis E. & Mildred W. Gardiner, Jr. Family Foundation

Genentech, Inc.

General Electric Foundation

GGB Technologies, LLC

Goldman Sachs Gives

Goldman, Sachs & Company

Harmony 1, LLC

Harry's Savoy Grill

Highmark BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware

HKF Technology LLC

IBM International Foundation

Indiana Endowment, LLC

International Fine Particle Research Institute

J. Paul Getty Trust

Juniper Foundation

Kingstar Technology, Inc.

Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.

Janet H. & C. Harry Knowles Foundation, Inc.

Korth Family Foundation, Inc

Lam Research Corporation

Lyons Companies

Margaret S. Sterck Trust

May & Stanley Smith Char. Trust

May Leasure Trust

Merck Company Foundation

Milliken & Company

Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell

Motivate the First State

Mt. Cuba Center, Inc.

Nickle Electrical Companies

Nor' Easter Foundation


OH-Energy, Inc.

Osteo Science Foundation

The Paris Delligatti Foundation Inc.

Parkinson Council


Permobil, Inc.

Pollyanna Foundation

The Presser Foundation

Project Recover

Public Allies, Inc.

The Questers

Raymond W. Kirkbride Memorial Trust

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.

The Ricky Barbour Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Robert Bosch LLC

Robert E. Ellegood Trust

Ruderman Family Foundation

The Schechter Foundation

Sharp Foundation

Shunpike Charitable Foundation

Silo Land Company,LLC

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

Superior Graphite Company

Taste of Newark

The Alias Group, LLC

The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

The Carski Foundation, Inc.

The Edward S. Gordon Foundation

The Friends of Rockwood, Inc.

The John Merck Fund

The MacCready Foundation

The Pike-Jackson Foundation, Inc.

The Treadway Foundation

The Williams Law Firm, P.A.

Tides Foundation

Toyota Motor North America

Travie W. Stricklin, Jr. Trust

Tsionas Management, Inc.

Vaddi Foundation

Valent USA Corporation


Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Warnock Family Foundation Inc.

David and Heidi Welch Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund

Willard Agri-Service of Greenwood

William P. Frank Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Windfall Foundation

Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor

Affari Casa 1, LLC

Agilent Technologies Foundation

Air Liquide America L.P.

Alice Warner Trust

Allan Myers, Inc.

The American Gift Fund

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation

Amgen Inc.

AMVAC Chemical Corporation

Anonymous Corporation

Anonymous Corporation

Arkema, Inc.

Ashland, Inc.

B.H. Breslauer Foundation

Bacchieri Foundation

Ballard Spahr, LLP

The Banfi Vintners Foundation

Barton Malow Company

Blackbaud Giving Fund

BP Corporation North America

Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc.

Burris Foods, Inc.

C. E. Bennett Foundation

Chevron Corporation

Collins Foundation

Communities Foundation of Texas

Constellation Energy Group Foundation, Inc.

Corteva Finance B.V.

Council for Economic Education

Cover & Rossiter, P.A.

Deer Park Tavern

Delaware BioScience Association

Delaware Center for Horticulture

Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists, P.A.

Delaware Valley Industrial Resources Cntr.


DJB Enterprises LLC

DuPont Safety and Construction

Eastman Chemical Company

Edwin E. Hatch Foundation

Elite PT LLC

Ellason Downs Perpetual Charitable Foundation

Ellen and Alan Levin Family Foundation

EM Photonics

Ernst & Young LLP

Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.


Experimental Printmaking Institute

Finkel Trust

Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment

Friends 4 Friends


gBuild Construction Managers

General Dynamics Land Systems

General Society of Colonial Wars

Gowan USA, LLC

Greater Washington Community Foundation

Highland Composites

HKF America

Human Services Research Institute

IBM Corporation

ImpactAssets, Inc

Innovative Advocate Group, Inc.

Intech Services, Inc.

Intl Entertainment Buyers Assn Educational Outreach Fund

Iowa Corn Growers Association

Jacobs Foundation

Jewish Federation of Delaware, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Jones-Hamilton Co.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

KCI Technologies, Inc.


Kubota Research Associates, Inc.

Kuraray America Inc.

LabWare Holdings, Inc.

Lilly Foundation

Linde-Griffith Construction Co.

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lotsolutions, Inc.

M&T Charitable Foundation

M. Davis

Marilyn K. Gaylord Charitable Trust

Marvin H. Gilman-NHE Trust

MathWorks, Inc

Megan Ashley Perry Foundation

Michelman, Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience

Monsanto Company

Morton Ruderman 2002 Unitrust

Mosaic Crop Nutrition LLC

Mt. Cuba Astronomical Foundation

E. Murdoch Family Foundation

National 4-H Council

National Aquarium

National Financial Services, LLC

Navient Foundation

The New York Community Trust

Nuclear Electric Insurance Ltd.

Ocean Infinity

Peck Stacpoole Foundation

Pfizer, Inc.

PNC Foundation

Port To Port International Corporation

Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP

Predictive Analytics Group

PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Foundation

Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.

Prudential Financial Inc.

Raytheon Company

Rheumatology Research Foundation

Richard C. Romano and Margaret V. Romano Charitable Trust

The Robert Mapplethorpe Fdn., Inc.

Rosemary & Ted Lassiter Foundation, Inc.

SABIC Americas, Inc.

Sallie Mae Fund

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Sidus Ventures LLC

Silicato Development

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

State of Delaware

STC Phase III Associates, LLC

Stephen & Dianne Loeb Family Fdn.

Super C, Inc.

TE Connectivity

The Chemours Company

The Hoag Foundation

The IBC Network Foundation

The Marmot Foundation

The Robert W. Smith Charitable Gift Fund

The Woolard Family Foundation, Inc.

Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing

Tru Vue, Inc.

UBS Financial Services

V System Composites, Inc.

Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Veeco Turbodisc-Somerset

Virginia Lee Franklin Memorial Trust

Wells Fargo Foundation

Wheeler Wolfenden and Dwares, CPAs


Wohlsen Construction Company

Wohlsen Construction Company Foundation

Woodruff Energy