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Get insightful discoveries, life-changing advice and food for thought from the TEDxUniversityofDelaware talks.


The Blue Hen Minds series is brought to you by Delaware First: The Campaign for the University of Delaware.

Projecting Your Personal Shadow | Dr. Steve Mortenson | TEDxUniversityofDelaware

Dr. Mortenson takes us from unskillful behavior to skillful behavior in this talk focusing on the Personal Shadow and projecting it on to other people. Steve Mortenson is a professor of communication at the University of Delaware. His teaching and research focus on skillful communication, emotional management, and effective leadership.

Mental Health Needs to Move Beyond Just Being Aware
Katie Manta

"Sometimes it's the adventures we don't ask for that we learn the most from." In her TEDx talk, Katie speaks to the dark days of her personal journey and provides a realistic way for us to actually make a difference in a society of stigma. Katie Manta is a senior Elementary Education Major with a Middle School Science Concentration. Driven by values of kindness, empowerment and growth her dream is to create a classroom where each student knows how important they are.

"This is Why You Are a Perfectionist"
Mr. Elon Kline


Elon Kline is a UD student pursuing a degree in Interpersonal Effectiveness in Leadership. He gives insights on how we can all take control of our personal power by understanding the detrimental belief of perfectionism and embracing the idea that we are all naturally imperfect.


"You Are the Only Thing in the Way"
Gillian Williams


Gillian Williams, a UD student majoring in Public Policy with a minor in Organizational and Community Leadership, sheds light on how we build, brick-by-brick, walls around us that prevent us from growing and moving forward.


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