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You may authorize a friend, relative or department to pick up your documents. If you wish to do this please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name, UD ID Number, and contact information

  • Your friend's name, UD ID Number (if they are a student at the University of Delaware) and contact information

  • A statement authorizing them to pick up your documents from the Center for Programs & Services (CGPS). This can be in the form of an email from you to CGPS or a signed letter.

Per SEVP Guidance, recruiters may not receive the I-20/DS-2019 directly from a school’s designated school official (DSO) and then distribute it to the student.

Please note: This is NOT a service for expedited I-20/DS-2019 processing.

CGPS uses an express mail service that will allow you to receive your I-20 or DS-2019 through DHL, UPS or FedEx. Requesting your immigration documents through express mail will be at your expense. Your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards only) will be charged upon requesting the service. To request express mailing of your documents, go to the following website (works best with Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox browsers):

You must use the website provided above (do not go through the DHL, UPS or FedEx website directly). All communication will go through the eShipGlobal service, who will notify us that you are requesting your I-20/DS-2019 to be sent by express mail.

If you use this service, you will be required to create a username and password to set up an account. To request shipment, you will need your UD ID Number (9 digit number), mailing address, email address, phone number and credit card information. Please pay close attention to the information submitted, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your I-20/DS-2019. If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the "Help" link in the site for step by step instructions. If you have additional questions about how to use this service, please email


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ISSS Disclaimer: The information contained on this web site is provided as a service to international students, faculty, staff, employees, and administrators at the University of Delaware, and does not constitute legal advice on any immigration, tax, or other matter. As legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of official counsel. For assistance on your immigration status, we encourage you to contact an ISS advisor for specific guidance at