Tech Innovation Showcase


UD's Leading Showcase of STEM Innovations and Inventions

The University of Delaware Tech Innovation Showcase is an exciting opportunity to engage with UD’s top scientists and engineers who are creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems in the fields of advanced materials, agriculture, electronics, robotics, energy, cleantech, healthcare, biotech and software. Exhibitors include both startups and potential licensing deals.

Our Inventors and Innovators

Thank you to the 2018 participants for making this event a success. Stay tuned for information on the 2019 Tech Innovation Showcase.


Amy Cowperthwait and Amy Bucha

Wearable devices for cognitive empathy development in beginner nursing education



Bruce Boman and Anne Shehab

Innovative anti-cancer agents created by identifying and targeting critical vulnerable mechanisms of cancer cells which are caused by a specific gene mutation


Resonate Forward

Theresa Litherland, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Richard Martin, Bruce Chase, Scott Jones, John Rabolt and Param Sreekanth

Personalized, vibratory device for reduction of symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease


A Tissue-Engineering Platform to Induce Dormancy in Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells

John Slater and Shantanu Pradhan 

A hydrogel formulation that allows long-term culture of cancer cells during which the cells can be maintained in a dormant or quiescent state or in an actively proliferating state thereby facilitating discovery of both novel targets specific to dormant cancer cells and validation of potential drug candidates against identified targets for future translation


ImmunoStrip Test

Yuriy Markushin, Simone Johnson and Taylor Brown from Delaware State University

Our point-of-care disease diagnostic test is based on cost-effective, technically-simple and adaptive for the particle-assay technology, intended for disease diagnosis in pets combining in a single test the high sensitivity, selectivity and wide working range of the Super-Paramagnetic particle immunoassay


Hao Liu and Erik Thostenson

A novel sensing system for damage detection and structural monitoring of infrastructure

Mass Propagation of Miscanthus×giganteus

Bertrand Hankoua and Philip Bissiwu from Delaware State University

Novel in vitro system for rapid, efficient, robust, and cost-effective mass propagation of Miscanthus x Gigantus seedlings for use by producers of biofuels, bio-pellets, bio-based, fibers, bio-electricity, biochar, phytoremediators, and animal feed and bedding


Regulatory Non-Coding RNAs as Determinants of Male Sterility in Grasses and Other Monocotyledonous Plants (UD 14-18)

Blake Meyers, Virginia Walbot and Jixian Zhai

A genetic mechanism to control male fertility and sterility and facilitates the production of hybrid seeds


A Method to Prepare Silver-Amended Carbon Sorbents for Drinking Water and Irrigation Water (UD 18-29)

Pei Chiu, Steven Lobo and Danhui Xi

A method to incorporate adjustable, long-lasting, and high contents of silver into a porous carbon structure to produce a superior filter medium that can remove BOTH microbial and chemical pollutants in water and/or air


Yuping Zeng, Kazy Shariar and Bruce Webber

Smaller and lighter HBT amplifiers for 5G millimeter wave telecommunication devices


TRIC Robotics

Adam Stager

An inexpensive, modular, throwable robot for inspection and characterization for SWAT teams


Basu Saha, Kumar Kautharapu, Sarah Wenyon, Gary McDaniel and Louis Dinetta

Cost-competitive production of designer bio-lubricants (BioLubes) with tailored molecular architecture and tunable specifications for high-performance applications from plant matters and natural oils



Robert Opila, Meixi Chen, Abhishek Iyer, David Angel and Louis Dinetta

A method to induce junctions on a silicon wafer using surface chemistry leading to 25% higher efficiency solar cells with 40% reduced costs


Cyber 20/20

John Cavazos and Sean Kilgalion

Graph-based characterization of malware and the use of machine learning to construct models that automate threat hunting by detecting attacks that affect organizations, such as financial institutions



Jason Bamford, Keith Doggett and Jordan Gonzalez

Aggregates nationwide community events and partners with location based big data companies, enabling them to further understand people’s interests and what drives them to the places they’re going


Lyapunov Technologies

Duanyi Wei and Anthony Rossi

An institutional-ready tactical risk management solution that shields clients’ portfolio from drastic market disruptions and uncertainty, rooted in the sound science of control theory principles and designed to respond to market volatility