Brandon R. McFadden

Department of Applied Economics and Statistics

Brandon McFadden

Associate Professor

Office Location:
531 S. College Avenue
224 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716


  • Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 2014
  • M.S. University of Arkansas, 2009
  • B.A. University of Arkansas Fort Smith, 2007

Current courses

  • APEC212: Food Retailing and Consumer Behavior
  • APEC430: Establishing and Managing a Food and Agribusiness Enterprise

Research interests

  • Food Choice
  • Perceptions of Food
  • Asymmetric Information

Current sponsored research

“Determining Antecedents to Consumer Acceptance of Scientific Information to Develop Educational Approaches on Gene-Editing Technologies.” USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. 2018-2021. $466,202. B.R. McFadden (PI), J. Rumble, K. Stofer, and K. Folta (co-PIs).

“Developing a Florida Tomato Products Industry to Benefit Additional Cropping Solutions for the Existing Packing/Processing Houses in Florida.” Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. 2019-2020. $146,491. P. Sarnoski (PI) and B.R. McFadden (co-PI).

“Using Eye Tracking to Determine the Effectiveness of the Updated Nutrition Facts Panel.” University of Florida Early Career Seed Grant. 2017-2018. $49,715. B.R. McFadden (PI).

Book Chapter

“The Nexus of Dietary Guidelines and Food Security.” World Agricultural Resources and Food Security: International Food SecurityEmerald Publishing Limited. Bingley, England. (2017). McFadden, B.R. and T.G. Schmitz.

Select Publications

“The Interaction between Country of Origin and Genetically Modified Orange Juice in Urban China” Food Quality and Preference, forthcoming. Gao, Z., X. Yu, C. Li, and B.R. McFadden. (Link)

“Engaging Consumers about the Nuances of Agricultural Technologies.” Journal of Food and Distribution Research, (2018). McFadden, B.R. (Link)

“Consumer Risk Perception of Vitamin A Deficiency and Acceptance of Biofortified Rice in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania.” African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, (2018). Domonko, E.S., B.R. McFadden, F.J. Mishili, C. Mullally, and D. Farnsworth. (Link)

“Do Consumers Care How a Genetically Engineered Food was Created or Who Created It?” Food Policy, (2018). Lusk, J.L., B.R. McFadden, and N. Wilson. (Link)

“Effects of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard: Willingness to Pay for Labels that Communicate the Presence or Absence of Genetic Modification” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2017). McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk.

“Consumer Acceptance of Food Biotechnology based on Policy Context and Upstream Acceptance.” European Review of Agricultural Economics. Pakseresht, A., B.R. McFadden, and C.J. Lagerkvist.

“Impact of Food Choice on Sodium Intake Patterns from Multiple NHANES Surveys.” Appetite (2017) 109:144-153. Dong, Z., Z. Gao, and B.R. McFadden. (Link)

“The Unknowns and Possible Implications of Mandatory Labeling.” Trends in Biotechnology (2017) 35.1:1-3. McFadden, B.R. (Link)

“Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations Based on Plant Sensing and Bayesian Updating.” Precision Agriculture (2017) 1-14. McFadden, B.R., B.W. Brorsen, and W.R. Raun. (Link)

“Neural Antecedents of a Random Utility Model.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2016) 132:93-103. Lusk, J.L., J.M. Crespi, B.R. McFadden, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, and A.S. Bruce. (Link)

“Examining the Gap between Science and Public Opinion about Genetically Modified Food and Global Warming.” PLOS ONE 11.11 (2016): e0166140. McFadden, B.R. (Link)

“What Consumers Don’t Know about GM Food and How that Affects Beliefs.” Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal (2016): fj-201600598. McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk. (Link)

“Cognitive Biases in the Assimilation of Scientific Information on Global Warming and Genetically Modified Food.” Food Policy (2015) 54:35-43. McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk. (Link)

“Can Neural Activation in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Predict Responsiveness to Information? An Application to Egg Production Systems and Campaign Advertising.” PLOS ONE (2015) 10(5):0125243. McFadden, B.R., J.L. Lusk, J.M. Crespi, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, R.L. Aupperle, and A.S. Bruce. (Link)

“Which Biotech Foods are Most Acceptable to the Public?” Biotechnology Journal (2015) 10:13-16. Lusk, J.L., B.R. McFadden, and B.J. Rickard. (Link)

“Effects of Cost and Campaign Advertising on Support for California’s Proposition 37.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (2013) 38:174-186. McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk. [Graduate Paper Competition Winner, Western Agricultural Economics Association] (Link)