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The University of Delaware offers many pleasing contradictions:

  • A Classic Georgian campus invoking history and a sense of tradition, and, at the same time, an up-to-the-minute appreciation of the importance of technology, with computer connections available in every residence hall room and many classrooms;
  • A beautiful suburban setting with, as one college guide put it recently, "all that the traditional college portrait entails," coupled with easy and speedy access to major urban attractions from New York City to Washington, D.C.

The University of Delaware has many unique aspects; below are just five. Explore our Virtual Tour, and you'll learn more about what is available only at Delaware.

Main StreetMain Street

The campus in Newark is nestled right next to the downtown district, which boasts the atmosphere of a small-town community enlivened by the University community. Main Street dining establishments offer everything from snacks on the go to pizza to fine dining, and a handful of coffeehouses meet the need for late night philosophical discussions or just for a jolt of caffeine. Stores offer a wide range of merchandise from clothing and shoes to gifts and decorative items, and that variety always makes shopping on Main Street a fun--and fairly easy--treasure hunt.

Victory BellThe Victory Bell

Delaware football fans all know what happens when UD scores. The Delaware cheerleaders ring the bell in the southwest corner of Delaware Stadium -- once for each point. But what they may not realize is that very same bell first rang on the campus more than 165 years ago!

Victory BellPurchased in 1834, the bell once woke students and summoned them to class. But by the turn of the century, electric class bells took its place, and for many years it was placed in storage and forgotten. In 1934, the bell was rediscovered and placed in the Memorial Library (now Memorial Hall), where it bided its time. In 1952, with the building of Delaware Stadium, the bell was called into action again, and it has served as the University's Victory Bell ever since.

Mentor CircleMentors' Circle

Forming an entryway to the campus, this recently landscaped area pays tribute to UD's proud legacy of faculty excellence. Inscribed on bricks throughout the walkway are the names of all recipients of the University of Delaware Excellence-in-Teaching Award and Excellence-in-Advising Award.

The Kissing ArchesThe Kissing Arches

The archways on The Green, which link Memorial Hall with Brown Lab on its left and Hullihen Hall on its right, are known as the "kissing arches." Between 1914 and 1945, The Green was actually home to two schools: Delaware College on the North Green and the Women's College on the South Green. Memorial Library, built in 1924, was the only building shared by both schools, and the arches served as a meeting and departure point for students at the two colleges. Even after the two schools merged, the south campus continued to serve as the home for female students for many years, and the archways are still known as the "kissing arches" today.

The Colonnade

The ColonnadeA $2.4 million renovation during the summer of 1999 brought a new classic look to part of the campus sometimes known as the Quad, the area bordered by Smith, Purnell, Kirkbride, and Ewing halls. Designed to integrate the area more closely with Gore Hall to the east and Alfred Lerner Hall to the west, the plaza now features an arc of columns that connects Smith and Purnell halls and highlights their entryways. Beyond The Colonnade, a central courtyard features an environmental sculpture and attractive plantings. Artist Alice Adams of Bronx, N.Y., designed the sculpture that includes a fountain with water jets that rise 2 feet and then flow over a granite cascade into a small pool. Adams, who specializes in public art projects, also designed sculptures found at Thomas Jefferson University and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

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