Connect with current Blue Hens

students at candlelight twilight induction ceremony

The University of Delaware offers its students countless opportunities to pursue their passions. A large part of what makes UD so special has to do with our students and their achievements, so rather than hear it from us, take a look at some of the ways our current Blue Hens are shaping their unique UD experiences for themselves.



Jenay Valentine

Jenay Valentine is a senior organizational and community leadership major with a minor in economics from Long Island, New York. Jenay shares her experiences both within her major and the clubs offered at UD and details how all of them came together to make the University of Delaware her home away from home. 

Jackson Burns

Jackson Burns is a junior chemical engineering and computer science student from Edgewood, Kentucky. In this quick video, Jackson shares his student experience and talks about how to get involved in UD's world-class undergraduate research to gain experience and build up your resume.

Erin Hogan

Erin Hogan is a senior chemical engineering major with minors in materials science and chemistry, as well as a certificate in Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In this video, she shares about her UD experience and the research she has done for NASA. 

Meghan Purcell

Meghan Purcell is a senior early childhood education major at UD and she is from Hockessin, Delaware. In this presentation, Meghan talks about her experience in UD's education program, her observation and student teaching field placements, and how this has all set her up to start a successful career post-graduation.

Nasir Young

Nasir Young is a junior psychology major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Throughout his time so far at UD, Nasir has had a variety of on-campus employment opportunities, while staying involved in clubs and organizations as well. In his presentation, Nasir walks through some of the opportunities he has been involved with at UD, and what it is like to have an on-campus job.

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle is a senior from Bear, Delaware. He is a music major with minors in Spanish as well as Asian Studies with Japanese. Ryan is involved in the UD Honors Program and the UD World Scholars program. In this presentation, Ryan walks through his many global experiences at UD, both abroad and on campus. 

Val Light

Val Light is a junior at UD who comes to us from Marietta, Georgia. She is a communication interest major with minors in fashion management and advertising. Val is part of the honors program and holds an executive board position with our campus fashion magazine, UDress. Click to learn more about Val’s involvement at UD.

Saray Lopez

Saray Lopez is a senior human relations administration major with a minor in organizational and community leadership from Frankford, Delaware. As a first generation college student in her family, Saray wasn't quite sure what to expect when she came to UD. But throughout her past few years here, she has made connections and gotten involved in communities here that have made UD feel like home. 

Sami Fleischner & Gavin Reynolds

Sami Fleischner is currently a senior from Robbinsville, New Jersey double majoring in organizational and community leadership and sociology. Gavin Reynolds is a senior from Columbia, Maryland majoring in three languages (Spanish, Japanese and Arabic) with a minor in Arabic. Sami and Gavin are very involved in many aspects of our campus life at UD — click to hear more about their UD experience.

Chelsea Chatterton

Chelsea Chatterton is a senior exercise science major with minors in public health and strength and conditioning. She is from Vernon, Connecticut and is involved in UD’s Blue Hen Leadership Program as well as the Honors Program. Want to learn more about community service, leadership, and travel opportunities at UD? Tune in with Chelsea to find out.


Travis Plystak

Travis Plystak is a construction engineering and management major at UD. He is from Hockessin, Delaware and initially wasn't very excited about going to UD just 10 minutes away from home. But in this presentation, you can learn about all of the things Travis got involved with and the people he was able to meet who helped make UD the place he calls home. 

Emma Davis

Emma Davis is a senior fashion merchandising major at UD with minors in business administration and advertising. Emma is from Ellicott City, Maryland and always used to drive by UD's campus during road trips to visit her family in New Jersey. In this presentation, Emma shares the opportunities she has been able to be a part of as a fashion student and how her courses and connections at UD have helped her gain valuable career experience. 

Natalie Pagenstecher

Natalie Pagenstecher, who recently graduated in 2020, majored in communication with a media concentration, as well as health behavior science with a minor in dance during her time at UD. She is originally from Bethesda, Maryland and then moved to Freeport, Maine. Natalie was very academically involved here at UD, and through her presentation provides a glimpse into what undergraduate research looks like at the University of Delaware, including an overview of some of her own research.


Residence Hall tours

Sharp Hall

In this video, UD student Chelsea Chatterton takes you on a tour of Sharp Hall, one of our upper-division residence halls on the North Green. Sharp is also where upper-division students in the Honors Program can choose to live. Sharp Hall has a lot to offer students with a location that can't be beat — just steps away from both Main Street and the Green. 

Redding Hall

Join some of our first-year students Kristina, Megan and Janna on a tour of Redding Hall, our first-year honors residence hall on campus. As a student admitted to the UD Honors Program, you will live in this hall with all other UD honors students to build a sense of community and take advantage of honors programming right within the building.