Paper Diploma Replacement

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Paper Diploma Replacement Form


NOTE: Recent graduates who have not yet received their complimentary diploma should not fill out this form but, rather, first contact to determine the status of their order.

Paper diplomas are provided to graduates at the time of degree conferral, assuming they have cleared all financial obligations to the university. Beyond that point, graduates must submit a diploma application and fee.

Diplomas, measuring 16 inches by 12 inches, are available and can be ordered for a cost of $25. No diploma will be furnished to any graduate whose financial obligations to the University have not been met. Diplomas may only be ordered by the graduate. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Upon receiving your diploma please open the tube carefully. Remove the shipping label to expose the seam of the tube. Twist the tube at the seam to remove the top and gently pull out your diploma. DO NOT punch in the end of the shipping tube, as this will likely damage your diploma.

Submit the Paper Diploma Replacement Form.

If you have any questions about completing this form, contact the Registrar's Office at