Batch Unofficial Transcripts

North Green

Batch Unofficial Transcripts


Unofficial Transcripts are intended for internal University of Delaware use only.  These are provided for faculty/staff use on a need to know basis.  UD staff with the required UDSIS access permission may create a batch file of student transcripts by following the steps below.  To generate an Unofficial Transcript for a single student, see Staff: Requesting Unofficial Transcripts


  • Log into UDSIS
  • Click the compass icon in the upper right corner of UDSIS to open the NavBar.
  • Click Navigator. This will expand the Navigation menu.
  • In the Navigation menu, choose the following: Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Batch Transcripts > Process Transcripts.

File Generation Process:

If this is your first time generating a batch file of Unofficial Transcripts, you will need to create a new Run Control ID by clicking the Add a New Value tab. The Run Control ID should not include any spaces. If you have already created a Run Control ID for this process, you may use the Find an Existing Value tab to select that existing Run Control ID – using a previous Run Control ID will have the settings, fields, and student population saved from the last time you ran this process.

  • In the Academic Institution menu, choose University of Delaware.
  • In the Transcript Type menu, choose Unofficial Transcript.
  • In the Process Action menu, choose Request, Generate and Print.
  • Check the Override Service Indicator box; leave the Number of Copies field set to default of 1.
  • Ensure the Population Selection box is NOT checked.
  • Check the Use Student Select box.
  • The page should look like the screenshot above once these steps have been completed.

In the Student Select List section, specify the student ID’s that you would like to include in the batch file. Click the icon next to the ID box to open a pop-up search window if you need to search by name. Click the button to add additional rows. Click the button on a row to delete that row. The Clear List button will remove all ID’s that have been specified. Click the Save button when finished entering ID’s.

In the Additional Options section, use the Print Sort Option menu to choose the order that the students appear in the batch file: Student ID, Last Name, or Zip/Postal Code.

Do not adjust any other fields in the Additional Options section.

Click the Run button at the top of the page.

In the Server Name menu, choose PSUNX.

Do not adjust any other fields on this page.

Click the OK button, which will return you to the Process Transcripts screen

Click the Report Manager link.

Click the Administration tab.

  • The file will be listed in the Report List box as SSR_TSRPT – SSR_TSRPT.pdf. If you do not see this listed, click the Refresh button until you do.
  • Click the SSR_TSRPT – SSR_TSRPT.pdf link in the description column. The file will open in a separate pop-up window as a PDF. If you are having trouble, check your pop-up blocker settings, and be sure you have Adobe Reader or a similar program for reading PDF files. The file can be printed or saved from there.
  • For information on the structure and features of the Unofficial Transcript, see Reading Unofficial Transcripts