Transfer Credit Appeal Process

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Transfer Credit Appeal Process


At the University of Delaware, transfer credit is first reviewed by the Registrar's Office and then, if needed, by the academic department. The Registrar's Office determines if the institution is degree-granting, college-level, accredited to permit transferability of credit, and (if international) recognized by the country's Ministry of Education. Credits are then posted to student records either as specific UD credit or transfer elective credit. When posted as transfer elective credit, students may request the appropriate academic department to review a course or courses to determine if there is a UD equivalent.

If you believe a transfer credit decision made by either the Registrar's Office or an academic department has been made in error, you may appeal the decision. Be prepared to provide detailed course materials to support your case to show how the course is equivalent to a specific UD course. Such materials could include a full syllabus, titles of text book(s), copies of written assignments, and/or a letter from the institution that awarded the initial credit.

Appeals must be made within 60 calendar days of your transfer credit posting. To make your request, please send an email and your supporting documents to Your email should include:

  • Your name & UDID
  • The name(s) of the previous institution(s), the name/number for each course being appealed, and the course equivalency you think is appropriate.
  • A brief statement outlining why the credit(s) should be accepted
  • A list of the course materials that are attached, and brief explanation for why they are included

The Transfer Credit Review Committee will review your request and respond within 15 business days. This initial response may request additional material, or could confirm a final decision. Depending on the specific appeal, both the department Chairperson and/or College Dean's Office may be consulted. All decisions of the Review Committee are final.