Update Degree Checkout Status or Expected Grad Term

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Update Degree Checkout Status or Expected Grad Term


Use these pages to update a student’s degree checkout status or expected graduation term. For help with other UDSIS activities, see UDSIS Help for Faculty/Staff

1) Log into your UDSIS Staff Homepage.

2) Use the Navigator or Classic Home tile to access:

Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

3) Check the button Include History.

Enter the Student ID or Last Name/ First Name and click Search. 

4) Click on the desired career number / program to enter the student’s record (see picture below).

A. On the tab Student Program. click the link View All to see all changes to this record. Each change is divided by a thin double line with “Status” and the “Effective Date” at the top of the row.

B. Click the blue + sign to add a new row. Note that most of the fields for this new row have been “copied up” from the previous row. 

C. For Effective Date, keep the default date or enter a different Effective Date:

IMPORTANT:  By default, the system will enter today’s date as the Effective Date. If the change you are making must be effective for a term in which the Finals-End Date has already passed, you must back-date this request. Change the Effective Date to a date prior to Term Finals-End Date that will fit in sequence with the other rows. If you are unable to do this, contact the Registrar’s Office - registrar@udel.edu .

For example: Term 2193 has a Finals-End Date = 5/30/19. The top row on a student‘s Program stack is 5/24/19, with a degree checkout status of “IR” (In Review).  On 6/3/19 the student is cleared for their degree.

In UDSIS: When you add the row to indicate a new Degree Checkout status of “AP” (for approved), change today’s date to 5/25/19. This places the new row in the proper sequence after the last action and before the Term Finals-End Date.

D. For Program Action, enter DATA

Student Program Page

Updating Expected Grad Term

E. For Action Reason, enter EG (Expected Graduation)

F. For Expected Grad Term, enter the new term value.

If you get the error: “Data Change is not a valid Program Action if there is no prior Academic Program Status”, you have forgotten to click the box “Include History


Updating Degree Checkout Status

G. For Action Reason, enter DC (Degree Clearance)

H. Go to tab Student Degrees. In the Degree Checkout Stat dropdown box, choose the desired status:

Approved – Student approved for graduation (AP)

In Review – Student NOT approved for graduation (IR)

Student Degrees Page