Jeffrey Caplan

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Jeffrey Caplan

Associate Professor and Director Bioimaging Center

Office location:
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
590 Avenue 1743, Room 303
Newark, DE 19713

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  • Ph.D. – Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology – Yale University
  • B.S. – Molecular and Cell Biology – University of Connecticut
  • B.S. – Horticulture – University of Connecticut

Current courses


  • The research in the Caplan lab focuses on the role of organelle dynamics during plant innate immunity. Specifically, we are interested in how and why chloroplasts dramatically change their morphology by sending out stroma-filled tubules called “stromules.” We are studying their function during chloroplast movement and localized release of signals, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS), during innate immune responses to pathogens.
  • The other focus of our lab is the development of novel microscopy methods using a variety of model systems, that includes bacteria, fungi, mammalian cell lines, and plants. Currently, we are creating methods for live-cell small RNA detection, quantitative super-resolution RNA imaging, deep learning image analysis, and plant tissue clearing.


  • Microscopy is at the interface of science and art. We use the beauty of plant microscopy as a critical tool to spark interest in plant biology. Our lab assists with both the creation of images and their three-dimensional display in the computer assisted virtual environment (CAVE) during tours of the Delaware Biotechnology Institute.

Professional activities