Robert Alphin

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Department of Animal and Food Sciences

Robert Alphin

Senior Instructor, Allen Laboratory Manager

Office location:
107 Charles C. Allen Biotechnology Laboratory
601 Sincock Lane
Newark, DE 19716

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  • University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, M.S., Animal Science, 1976-1978
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1975-1976
  • University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, B.S., Animal Science, 1971-1975

Current courses

  • ANFS 422 - Poultry Production Laboratory


Applied poultry research focusing on emergency poultry disease response (e.g. avian influenza) emphasizing the 3Ds: depopulation, disposal and decontamination. Additional research involves the use of new lighting technologies to improve poultry production and sustainability while reducing energy costs.


Poultry health issues focusing primarily on poultry disease outbreak response, management and regionalization. Collaborates with USDA International Services, International Technical & Regulatory Capacity Building to provide two annual programs for international veterinarians and poultry professionals; Emergency Poultry Disease Response Certificate Program and the Poultry Disease Outbreak Management and Regionalization.

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E.R. Benson, G.W. Malone, and R.L. Alphin.  2007.  Foam based equipment and procedure for emergency euthanasia.  Continuation of provisional patent Serial No. 60/759,666. Patent applied for January 17, 2007.  Issued as Patent 7,435,166, 9/24/2008.