Poultry Research and Teaching Facilities

Poultry Research and Teaching Facilities | College of Agriculture and Natural Resources | University of Delaware

Poultry Research and Teaching Unit in Newark

The Poultry Research and Teaching Unit in Newark provides facilities for poultry research, teaching and outreach. Poultry health has been the core of our research program and in the Disease Research Area there are 3 isolation rooms with 28 isolators, 10 large colony houses, 18 small colony houses, an incubator room, necropsy and the BSL 2+ Poultry Isolation Unit which has 16 isolators in two rooms. This area provides facilities for characterization of new diseases, vaccine development, the testing of “pre” and “pro” biotics and nutraceuticals to reduce the use of antibiotics, to improve gut health, improve production and sustainability which is part of our One Health initiative.

There is a 2000 bird capacity updated broiler house used not only for research, but also for teaching for a number of classes including our Capstone Poultry Production class. This is also the home of the real Blue Hen mascots along with 5 different breeder flocks producing fertile eggs for research, teaching and for the Cooperative Extension 4-H Embryology program. There is also a 980 capacity table-egg layer facility.