Creamery Cafe Menu

The UDairy Creamery Café in the Barnes and Noble University of Delaware Bookstore on Main Street in Newark.

Creamery Café Menu

Ice cream, hot sandwiches, coffee,
cheese and snacks

Similar to the flagship Creamery location the café will serve UDairy Creamery favorites like ice cream, waffle cones and cheese. But, additionally, the UDairy Creamery Café will offer a full coffee drink menu and light fare, including sandwiches made with UDairy Creamery cheese.

View the full Creamery Café menu below.


Bagel with butter

Bagel with cream cheese

Egg & Delaware Gold Cheese on English muffin
$5 with sausage

Egg & Delaware Gold Cheese on Bagel
$5.25 with sausage

Magnificent Mondo Sandwich


Pastries & Croissants
$2.50 to $3.50


(from Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company)

Single espresso

Double espresso

Iced Coffee
$3.00 to $4.50 depending on size

Hot Coffee
$2.50 to $3.50 depending on size

Flavor Shot

Hot Chocolate
$4.00 to $5.00 depending on size


Specialty & Seasonal Lattes
(Example: Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Macchiato)
$4.00 to $5.00 depending on size


Grilled Cheese
(Delaware Gold Cheese on White or Wheat Bread)

Caprese Grilled Cheese
(Mozzarella, Olive Oil Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Basil)


BBQ Bacon Grilled Cheese
(1st State Cheddar, Bacon, BBQ Sauce, Caramelized Red Onions)


Chipotle Turkey Grilled Cheese
(1st State Cheddar, Chiptole Aioli, Caramelized Red Onions, Tomatoes)


Roasted Vegetable Vegan Wrap
(Classic Hummus, Spring Mix Greens, Roasted Root Vegetables)


Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese
(Delaware Gold Cheese, Fireroasted Chicken Breast, Homemade Basil Pesto, Roasted Peppers)


Roasted Veggie Grilled Cheese

Pizza Bagel
$6.00 with pepperoni

Soup & Delaware Gold Grilled Cheese








Single scoop

Double scoop

Triple scoop

Pint of ice cream

Handmade waffle cone or waffle bowl

Pretzel Cone

Ice cream flight (4 flavors)




Rootbeer Float

Hot Fuge sundae
$1.25 extra 

Brownie sundae

Rainbow, chocolate or Blue & Gold sprinkles

Cookie sandwich

Not all flavors are currently available at the café.

Cheese and snacks

Delaware Gold Snack Pack (Delaware Gold, Pepperoni, crackers & Grapes)

UD Cheddar Snack Pack (Delaware Gold, Pepperoni, crackers & Grapes)

Ham and Cheddar

Egg Salad

Vegan Wrap

Hummus Snack Pack (Hummus,Cucumbers, Pretzels, Grapes)

Protein Snack Pack (Mini Muffin, Delaware Gold, Hard Boiled Egg, Grapes)

4 oz Cheddar Cheese Curds (Plain/Flavored)

8 oz Cheddar Cheese Curds (Plain/Flavored)

8 oz Cheddar Block

8 oz Delaware Gold Block

Signature Cheese Box

Cheese Curd Gift Box