Educator Advisory Board

CONSERVE Educational Materials

For Educator Advisory Board Confidential Review

The CONSERVE Education Team is in the process of developing educational materials for the K-12 community on the topics of agricultural water availability, quality, and societal impacts. Our goals are to create ready-to-use, multifaceted educational resources that complement current curricula, align with education content standards, and respect classroom needs and constraints.

A description of the resources is provided at the Resource Description tab. The materials available for review can be accessed under the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School headings. There is some overlap for materials we believe are appropriate for all ages, whereas other resources are targeted for different age groups.

The versions you are invited to evaluate are, in some cases, partial drafts because we would like feedback before proceeding. Please review these educational resources confidentially and provide feedback on the provided online evaluation form. Please use a separate evaluation form for each resource reviewed. Feel free to view and comment on materials for all ages, but please be sure to provide comment on the content developed for the age group you currently instruct.

We greatly appreciate your time and expertise to help us make these valuable educational resources.

Thank you!