Erin Brannick

Department of Animal and Food Sciences

Erin Brannick

Associate Professor and Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist

Office Location:
531 S. College Avenue
041 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716

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Education and licensure

  • B.A. (Biology) Wittenberg University 2001
  • D.V.M. The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine 2006
  • M.S. The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine 2010
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Anatomic Pathology) 2010
  • Delaware Veterinary Medical License (active)

Current courses

  • ANFS 332 Introduction to Animal Diseases
  • ANFS 440/640 Comparative Histopathology
  • ANFS 450/650 Biomedical Communication

Director and Pathologist

Diagnostic Histopathology Service for:

  • UD Allen and Lasher Laboratories
  • Delaware Department of Agriculture
  • Maryland Department of Agriculture


  • Pathogenesis and lesions of natural and experimental diseases in poultry.
  • Pathology and histopathology support for multispecies studies on animal health or animal models of human disease.
  • Consultation regarding tissue dissection, collection, trimming, fixation, image capture, digital pathology, and techniques in immunohistochemistry.

Professional Activities

  • World Veterinary Poultry Association
  • American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) – member
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP)- member; Education Committee Member-at-Large-2012-2014, Program Theme Developer- 2015, Vice-Chair- 2016, Chair-2017, Program Chair for 2018 meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • World Veterinary Poultry Association - member    
  • Reviewer for the American Journal of Veterinary Research, Avian Diseases, American Journal of Veterinary Research, Animals, Biomolecules, Genes, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), and Journal of Applied Poultry Research

Michael P. Babak, Erin M. Brannick, Carl J. Schmidt Behnam Abasht.  Evidence and Role of Phlebitis and Lipid Infiltration in the Onset of Pathogenesis of Wooden Breast Disease in Modern Broiler Chickens.  Avian Pathology, e-published July 3, 2017.

Jack Gelb, Jr., Daral J. Jackwood, Erin M. Brannick and Brian Stewart LadmanEfficacy of Recombinant HVT-IBD Vaccines Administered to Broiler Chicks from a Single Breeder Flock at 30 and 60 Weeks of Age.  Avian Diseases, 60: 3, 603-612, 2016.

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Marie F. Mutryn, Erin M. Brannick, Weixuan Fu, William R. Lee and Behnam Abasht. Characterization of a novel chicken muscle disorder through differential gene expression and pathway analysis using RNA-sequencing. BMC Genomics, 16: 399, 2015.

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Jack Gelb, Jr., Brian S. Ladman, Conrad R. Pope, J. Miguel Ruano, Erin M. Brannick, Daniel A. Bautista, Colleen M. Coughlin, and Lauren A. Preskenis.  Characterization of Nephropathogenic Infectious Bronchitis Virus DMV/1639/11 recovered from Delmarva broiler chickens in 2011. Avian Diseases, 57: 1, 65-70, 2013.

Book Chapters:

Kimberly M. Newkirk, Erin M. Brannick, and Donna F. Kusewitt.  Neoplasia and tumor biology. In: Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease 6th Edition, ed. McGavin MD, Zachary JF, Mosby Elsevier, St. Louis, 2017.