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The Career Center staff is committed to partnering with UD faculty and staff to empower students to identify and achieve their professional aspirations. To that end, we have created a Faculty Canvas Course to better enable integration of career and professional development curriculum into courses and programs. To request access to the Career Center Canvas site for faculty/staff, please complete the Career Integration Request Form or reach out to your Career Center faculty liaison.


The updated faculty Career Center Canvas site was designed to help you integrate career skills and career resources into your academic work with students. This new site will help you:

  • Learn why using Career Center content can improve your course and how to integrate competencies into your syllabus.
  • Learn which services are most relevant for your students.
  • Choose from a variety of assignment options and copy those assignments directly into your Canvas course.

Other options include requiring students to attend an employer event, career fair or meetup and then report on the experience.

We are happy to work with you to develop a unique career assignment for your students. 

Please reach out to your Career Center liaison or email udcareers@udel.edu.

For off-campus job opportunities, UD faculty and staff are welcome to request an account on Handshake, the Career Center’s recruiting platform where all internships, jobs, programs and career resources are posted for students. Stay engaged with our office by clicking on “Your Career Interests” and signing up to receive Career Center emails and announcements based on career areas that are of interest to your students.

On-campus job opportunities are posted on the Student Jobs Board.

Many offices and departments on campus organize career-related programming. We encourage you to open any events or programs to the entire UD population, which will help ensure strong attendance numbers for any speakers you may bring to campus.

The Career Center can promote your career programs and events through email listservs and social media. Event or program details can be submitted for promotion through the Student Life Communications Project Request form.

Upcoming Career events

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Through the completion of the online Career Influencer Program, Faculty and staff will become part of the Career Influencer Network, equipped with tools to support the career readiness of all UD students.

Become a career Influencer

A six-module training program designed to create a community of faculty and staff (aka Career Influencers) equipped with tools to support the career readiness of all UD students.

Get started by signing into your ConnectingU account to sign up for the Career Influencer Program under "Certificate List" to begin!

The Career Influencer online modules are self-paced and cover the following topics:


Module 1: Overview of the Career Influencer Program

Includes a synopsis of the structure and work of the Career Center, overview of each module, and discussion of the importance of your role as a Career Influencer.


Module 2: Career Exploration

Discusses the importance of encouraging a curious mindset while exploring major and career choice. Ways to explore and gather career information are addressed. 


Module 3: Alumni Engagement

Networking between students and alumni is a mutually beneficial process. Provides tools and methods for finding and connecting with UD alumni, both virtually and in person. 


Module 4: Experiential Learning

Types of experiential learning experiences are discussed as well as the concept of transferrable skills.


Module 5: Job Searching Skills

The best methods for job searching are covered, including networking and utilizing online tools such as Handshake. The basics of providing resume critiques are also presented.


Module 6 In-Person (Temporarily offered virtually via Zoom): Welcome to the Career Influencer Network!

The final module will be in-person (temporarily offered virtually via Zoom) and will celebrate the completion of the modules and your admission into the Career Influencer Network!


Program Completion

After completion, participants will attend a culminating session celebrating the completion of the modules and admission into the Career Influencer Network! You will have access to the CIN toolbox to help you navigate available resources and receive newsletters with continuing education opportunities.

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The University of Delaware Career Center Faculty & Staff Career Innovation Grant (FSCIG) provides funding for UD faculty and staff to create professional and career development activities for their students. Funding is provided to offset costs associated with infusing career-related materials and/or experiences into existing or new class curricula and/or departmental, program school, Division of Student Life and Department of Athletics-based initiatives. And to facilitate full participation for students who may not be able to attend/participate in critical career and professional development activities.

Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of $2,500 per semester, but applications will be reviewed equally regardless of the amount of requested funding. If you’ve received a grant in the past, you may apply again, but priority will be given to individuals or units submitting applications for the first time.

Awarded funding must be used for the purposes described in your grant application and approved by the Career Center Grant Funding Committee. Any exception to this must be brought to the attention of the committee in advance and is subject to approval.

FSCIG funding has supported dozens of career-related events for students, including mini-career fairs, guest panel speakers, professional conference attendance and more. Below are quotes from students about their experiences:

“I enjoyed coming to the career and development event because I was able to meet and interact with professionals that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to, otherwise. I've learned a lot, gained a lot of insight and had a great time here. I can’t wait to come back next year!”

“The most important thing I learned was how important networking is to gathering information. I ascertained some good intelligence information from the Smithsonian.”

“I very much enjoyed hearing about all of the experience that the panelists had. They answered a lot of questions, and seemed to be very willing to help us. Any opportunity to speak with people who work in the field that I want to work in is a good time.”

Grants typically fund the following types of activities

  • Career Education events
    • Virtual or in-person
    • Guest speakers to classes, RSOs or departments
    • Mentoring sessions
    • Panel discussion
    • Networking events
    • Up to $25 per student maximum
  • Career treks to companies or organizations ($50 per student/faculty/staff participant limit—click here for FAQs and the Career Trek Planning Sheet)
    • Transportation to professional conferences via chartered bus or rental van for small to large groups (excludes all air, train and personal car rentals)
  • Non-Career Treks ($25 per student limit)
    • Guest speakers to classes, RSOs or departments
    • Mentoring sessions
    • Panel discussion
    • Networking events
    • Conference Registration for career and professional development or industry focused. The conference must be aligned with an academic discipline/major offered at the University of Delaware (does not include Greek, social, or other non-academic focused conferences). The maximum allotment is up to $50-$100 per student. One registration fee for the host faculty member can be included in the request. 
    • Registration or transportation to competitions (academic discipline/major only)

Grants cannot fund:

  • Existing programs that have been offered one or more times in the past
  • Entertainment expenses that do not have a clearly defined educational/career component
  • Scholarships, stipends or housing expenses
  • Gift cards (Visa, Bookstore, etc.)
  • Pay for alcoholic beverages
  • Honorariums or payments for full-time UD faculty and staff*
  • Registration or transportation to competitions


*Honorariums for part-time, contractual staff and adjunct faculty may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Current UD COVID Guidelines will be used in conjunction with grant applications to determine eligibility.



  • UD faculty (includes faculty RSO advisors)
  • UD staff that work directly with students (instructors, program advisors, academic advisors, Greek Organizations, Academic and Honor Societies, RSO advisors, etc.)


To apply for an award, you must complete the Grant Application.

All application submissions require:

  • The primary contact or project leader must be a faculty or staff member who does not work for the Career Center (Career Center staff can support projects, but cannot be project leaders)
  • A timeline for the project
  • A clear description of the purpose of the project and how it will enhance the professional and career development of UD students
  • A summary of expected career related learning outcomes and the expected number of students the project will impact
  • An explanation of how the information will be shared with students who are not able to attend the events/activities (e.g., video recordings, summary notes, list of additional resources, “how to” guides for other staff or faculty to replicate a similar project, etc.)
  • A description of how the project will be continued or sustained in the future after the initial funds have been used if the program or event is not a one time event (projects will be funded one time only)
  • An itemized budget
  • A minimum of 15 business days advance notice

Project applications that exhibit one or more of the following will be given the highest consideration:

  • Connect or build upon other strategic priorities of the university
  • Involve collaboration, whether it is interdisciplinary by field or by the makeup of faculty, students and staff, particularly with the Career Center
  • Identify a model or strategy that can be successfully replicated

Supports career and professional development of historically marginalized students as well as students with high financial need.

Applications are reviewed and allocated by a Career Center Grant Fund Committee made up of Career Center professionals. Funding decisions are made within seven to ten business days.  

  • To officially accept a grant, recipients must complete, sign and submit the UD Career Center Award Acceptance Agreement and the Budget Form.
  • Recipients are expected to assist in sharing their experience with the UD community. This may include written summaries for newsletters, annual reports or attending events.
  • Upon conclusion of a project or event, recipients are also required to submit a financial record to include all expenditures, income and receipts.
  • Awardees are also required to submit a one-page post-event summary outlining the outcomes achieved by utilizing the grant, as well as include the names and UD IDs of each student participant (a link to the form will be provided by grant committee). Photos should also be included in the grant summary along with a signed photo release from students that are in the photo(s).
  • All students that participated in the event/session must complete the UD FSCIG Assessment Survey.
  • Please name the UD Career Center Faculty & Staff Career Innovation Grant through websites, annual reports, literature, newsletters or news releases, etc. Promotional materials should also be shared with Career Center for cross-marketing purposes. The award must be used for the activities outlined in the application.
  • Awardees will be reimbursed for the amount included in submitted receipts, even if they do not end up using the entire amount awarded.
  • Funds will be awarded when the completed student assessment surveys, post-event summary, photos and attendance information has been received.

Past Awardees Include:



Point of Contact


Biden School of Public Policy


Senator Bryan Townsend

Career Trek to Washington DC for College Democrats

Department of
Behavioral Health & Nutrition

Sandra Baker

Pediatric Feeding Disorders Seminar – STAR Campus

University Student Centers – RSO Harrington Theatre Arts Company (HTAC)

Susan Luchey

“I Can Do That” Professional Development Fair – Perkins Student Center


Carla Guerron Montero


Career Trek to American Anthropological Association in Virginia in Washington DC

Student Wellness & Health Promotion

Logan Penna

Wellness Speaker Series – Kirkbride Hall

CANR/Plant & Soil Sciences

Mark Isaacs

Undergraduate Career Planning & Professional Development Fair – Townsend Hall

University Student Centers – RSO Student Government

Alex Keen

Career Clothing Closet – Perkins Student Center

University Studies Program & 7 RSO’s

Kathryn Goldman

Annual Health Professions Fair – Trabant University Center

Art History

Monica Dominguez Torres

Career Trek to Washington DC for Alumni Event at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Political Science & International Relations

David Redlawsk

Public Service Speed Networking Event – UD Career Center

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All full-time undergraduate students have access to a redesigned Career Center on Canvas website. Please encourage your students to take advantage of the modules that can help them develop and achieve their professional aspirations. 

Students can also visit with a peer advisor during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment for career counseling in Handshake.

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The Career Center is happy to assist you with finding talented UD students to work in your department. A variety of on-campus positions, including work study, are posted to Talent Link for students to apply.

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The links below will assist you when writing a reference letter for a student:

Faculty Reference Letter: Contains a sample reference letter for use when creating a letter of reference for students.

Writing a Reference Letter: Discover the answer to, “What kind of information can I put in a reference letter, a letter of recommendation, or an evaluation?”

The UD Career Center is part of the Division of Student Life, which advances equity and inclusion, deepens student learning and drives holistic development through education, experiences and communities.