Get Career Ready Through Canvas

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Get Career Ready Through Canvas


The UD Career Center (UDCC) is now providing undergraduate Blue Hen students the opportunity to develop career readiness through Canvas modules. Focused on providing access to personal and professional development activities, career education resources and life design exercises, these modules can be completed as a series or individually. The UD Career Center Canvas modules are designed to help prepare Blue Hens for life at UD and beyond.

The Career Center works to empower all students to develop and achieve their professional aspirations. As students work to define what those aspirations are, they can use the UDCC Canvas site to develop goals, refine their internship and job awareness skill sets and establish a path to their success. These modules will serve as a complement to student coursework and can help students connect the dots between the classroom and the working world.

Each module comes equipped with an introduction (posted as a defining question and answer), learning outcomes, videos and resources and life design exercises to help students assess and take next steps. Modules are designed to be completed in 10 to 20 minutes.

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Career Center Canvas Modules

This introductory module explains the function, services and resources provided by the UDCC, as well as an overview of the Handshake platform.

Learning objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Define at least two career exploration experiences available to students

  2. Summarize three resources offered through the Career Center for developing career readiness

  3. Describe the four best practices for developing a career action plan

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This module will provide students with the opportunity to complete an assessment that helps them with understanding who they are in relation to career and purpose. 

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Articulate their own values, interest, personality and workplace preferences 

  2. Identify the majors and careers pathways that align with their assessment results

  3. Compare at least three occupations of interest

This will enable you to begin to develop your life design plans!

Path to Purpose

Students will learn the purpose and fundamentals of networking and accessing resources to help with expanding their career awareness.

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Articulate two benefits of networking in their career progression

  2. Summarize the key components conducting a career conversation

  3. Review Career Center opportunities to connect with alumni and employers

  4. Utilize industry data from resources such as Firsthand, government agencies and trade associations

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An effective resume showcases your experience, achievements and strengths, relating them to a specific position by using keywords and highlighting relevant experiences.

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Articulate the content of a well-designed resume

  2. Construct a resume bullet utilizing action verbs and quantifiable information

  3. Summarize the Career Center resources available for resume optimization

  4. Create a resume based on the latest guidelines and recommendations

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This module explains the experience search process and career resources available to students.

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Develop a one-sentence job hunting objective, including skills, must-haves, location and timeline

  2. Demonstrate the navigation of the job and internship search engine of the Handshake portal

  3. Identify at least three helpful resources located on the Handshake portal

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This module is designed for students who want to gain insight and learn interview best practices for internships and full-time employment.

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Describe how an interview is typically structured

  2. Examine how to best prepare for different types of interviews

  3. Define three elements of effective salary negotiation techniques

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This module contains our Career Management Certificate program. This certificate program is designed to help you identify what makes you marketable to employers and how you can continue to grow professionally. Begin learning about yourself and what will make you stand out from other potential job candidates. Not only is this certificate beneficial for your career preparation, but it’s also the perfect addition to any resume.

Learning Objectives:

Students who participate will be able to:

  1. Identify and articulate their skills and strengths
  2. Identify and articulate their knowledge and experience
  3. Build their network and learn career fields of interest
It's Never too Early to Start on Your Career - Career Management 101

This module teaches you about Handshake, the place where students, employers and UDCC staff come to meet, talk and share opportunities and resources. It is a hub for resources on career development, job and internship opportunities, and communicating with peers, employers and people who can assist with your path. It’s a platform where you can:

  1. Easily find the best jobs and co-ops/internships
  2. Learn about career fairs, networking events and company meetups
  3. Get some help with your career development
  4. Communicate with peers
  5. And much more!
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This self-paced, module-based site provides access to personal and professional development activities, career education resources and life design exercises designed to help you develop the career competencies needed to excel on whatever career path you decide to take

In keeping with the University of Delaware’s Strategic Plan and the Strategic Plan Pillar: Expanding Student Access & Success, the UD Career Center has created a Canvas site that allows every undergraduate student to have equal access to career and life design resources.

No. The UDCC Canvas Site is a free resource provided by the Career Center. It is not an academic course, there is no credit/grade association and it will not appear on your transcript.

While there is no credit/grade associated with the UDCC Canvas site, faculty/instructors may decide to incorporate one or more modules into their academic courses. If a faculty member incorporates a module, completion of that particular module as part of a class may impact your course grade and therefore your GPA. We encourage students not to wait and see if a module is a part of their major/program, and instead move through the modules independently to help further post-undergraduate goals.

You have been enrolled to ensure all undergraduate students have equal access to career and life design resources. Unless assigned by a faculty/instructor as part of an academic class, you are not required to complete any of the Career Center Canvas modules.

Modules have been designed as independent learning opportunities. Modules 1-6 can be done in order, but that is not required. Additionally, there are supplemental modules that are designed to provide additional support (e.g. Handshake Tips & Recommendations).

If you complete a module on your own and a faculty/instructor assigns it in their class, there may be an additional assignment connected to the course that builds on what you learned in the module. You should therefore plan to speak with your instructor about completing the work associated with that module.

If you complete a module and still have questions, please feel free to log into Handshake and schedule an appointment with a career counselor. General questions might also be answered during drop-in hours.

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