Payroll Deduction

Faculty and staff of UD are invited to show their support by making a contribution in the easiest manner of all: payroll deduction. Gifts of any amount are welcome to the program of your choice. What makes it so easy is that the payroll office automatically deducts the amount you request for the number of pay periods you desire.

Gifts of $42 per pay add up to $1,000 per year and entitle you to membership in the Delaware Diamonds Society. Gifts of $21 per pay make you a generous annual donor of $500 for the programs or college you care most about.

Why become a donor? If it seems odd to make a contribution to your employer, think about why you work at UD. Most faculty and staff members are inspired by education, love mission-driven institutions, and feel passion for the transformative power of higher education. We are not producing widgets, we’re producing leaders, and contributing to science, humanities, and knowledge for society. If you believe in the purpose of UD, you’ll find even greater fulfillment by investing your dollars as a donor.