Exploration Days

Exploration Days

Plans are in the works for this fall semester; check back in early fall for dates. Students who spend time with us exploring our programs and discussing possible careers have a better understanding of where they want to be in the future.

Exploration Day features two programs run concurrently for high school students to learn about the programs in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware. 

The animal science program is designed to engage students who have expressed an interest in the areas of animal health, food safety and quality of animal products, understanding animal genomics, animal welfare and the latest innovations in animal production, environmental control and nutrient management. The food science program introduces participants to issues in sustainable food production, new food product development, sensory testing, composition and analysis of foods, food process engineering, packaging, and food safety. While on campus, students will participate in animal or food science laboratories and field activities.

The day will include a welcome reception for students and families followed by student sessions with hands-on activities led by faculty and staff. Lunch will be provided and will feature panel discussions including alumni, faculty/staff and current students in the department majors. This provides multiple opportunities for the students and parents to interact with faculty, staff and students to learn about our programs, classes and college life. University of Delaware staff will be present during a closing ice cream social to answer questions about admissions and financial aid. Department of Animal and Food Sciences majors include animal biosciences, animal science, food science and pre-veterinary medicine.

Your time on campus will include meals, interacting with current students and faculty, and hands-on laboratory and field activities in many of the different programs in the college, including animal science and food science.