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Fuel for the Future: How to practice sustainability with food

March 21, 2023 Written by Gina Crist, Community Health Specialist and Health and Well-being Program Leader

National Nutrition Month® was created 50 years ago in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Each spring, the Academy encourages Americans to focus on their nutrition, setting a new focus each year. This year’s theme is Fuel for the Future - with a focus on sustainability when it comes to nutrition—wondering how you might be able to support sustainability with your food choices. Here are four ways that you can try! We suggest trying one per week, as trying them all at once can be overwhelming!


Week 1:

Check your pantry before shopping - Look to see what you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry before making your grocery list. Are there things that you can use up? For example, using frozen vegetables (freezer), rice or any type of grain like lentils (pantry) and eggs (fridge) can make a low-cost fried rice dish. Use canned fruits as a side dish for a quick meal, or add to some milk and blend for a refreshing smoothie!


Week 2:

Leftovers for lunch - Instead of throwing them out, package them up for lunch the next day. 


Week 3:

Don’t throw out the last bit of anything. Frustrated that those berries didn’t last as long? Have bananas that have gotten a little too brown? Place these in freezer bags and store them for later use. These make great smoothie options, or you can defrost and add to pancakes and parfaits or make them into muffins or bread. 

Week 4:

Shop in season. Shopping locally sourced fruits and vegetables supports the future of farmers in your area and helps your wallet. Food that is in season can be less expensive to purchase fresh. Look for local options in Delaware from May/June through October!


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