A collage of Delaware 4-H-ers doing activities.

3 reasons to give Delaware 4-H a try!

August 22, 2023 Written by Jenny Trunfio, 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator

Looking for something fun to do? Need to find something to get your kids out of the house and get them involved in your community? Give 4-H a look. Why is 4-H the group for you? Here are the top three reasons to join 4-H.

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Stump Corner 4-H club works together to cleanup a local park.

# 3 – Make new friends – Develop lifelong friendships

Youth build communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills through their friendships, but above all, having friends is a lot of fun. By joining a 4-H club, youth are joining a new family with the opportunity to make a whole new group of friends. Club meetings include recreational and teambuilding time, providing the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Members participate in county and state activities and events, enabling them to create friendships across their county and the state. 

Club members can join county clubs to meet youth outside of their small community, thus expanding your child’s social circle. Older members can participate in interstate and national events creating connections and friendships across the country. Members participate in overnight camps, exchange trips, and national conferences, making lifelong friends while learning new skills.

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The Favorite Foods Contest is one of the many popular ways 4-H members can try something new!

# 2 – Explore new areas of interest – find a new SPARK

Does your child like fishing, cooking, or coding? How about hiking or kayaking? If they’ve never experienced any of these things, join your local 4-H club and they can participate in any number of more than 60 project areas. They can try something new like woodworking or electricity or dive deeper into a project they know they already enjoy. 

4-H projects offer club members the opportunity to learn by doing and develop knowledge and skills around a specific project area.  4-H offers members an easy way to try out areas of interest with a research-based curriculum and a caring adult mentor. 4-H project areas help members learn what sparks their interest and allow them to learn in-depth knowledge about a project, possibly leading to a career path.

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Leadership is a cornerstone of Delaware 4-H!

And the # 1 reason to join Delaware 4-H: Develop new leadership skills

4-H clubs are guided by volunteer leaders but are member-directed. Our 4-H members lead club meetings, decide on project areas each year, contact guest speakers, and decide on fundraising and community service projects. Members lead committee meetings, make motions, lead discussions, and learn how to lead in both small and large groups. All of these activities help youth with decision-making skills, project management, innovation, strategy development, and team management. Older members assist and mentor younger members during business and project meetings. As members of America’s largest youth development organization, 4-H’ers are learning leadership and public speaking skills naturally during every meeting by participating in club discussions and decisions. 4-H’ers are empowered with the skills to lead for a lifetime! 


Ready to find a club to join?

Call your County Extension Office today to find a 4-H Club near you!

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