dietetic expenses

Projected expenses involved in the Dietetic Internship include the following:

Tuition 2023-2024 —$12,336*

Graduate Application fee—$25
Academy student membership—$58
Graduate Registration Fee—$30 per semester
Professional liability insurance—no charge
Lab coat(s)—$35.00 – 50.00
A computer with Internet access—varies**
Headset with microphone – $25 – $50
Background Check /Drug Screen—$90 – $130
Medical exam—varies
Registration exam fee—$200

Expenses incurred in attendance at the 4 day orientation program in July:
Lodging (if needed) —$400-800/week (estimate)
Visual Veggies RD Exam Review software (mandatory) –$270
Transportation to DE—varies

* Tuition increases are officially announced July 1 of each year. Financial aid is available. For more information, follow the link for Financial Aid Application Procedures.

** For information about the current University of Delaware recommendations for computer configuration, please visit the technology page.

Students should fill out the loan application FAFSA as soon as they know that they will need financial aid for the Internship period. Even if you are not sure of the need for financial aid at the time of application, it is recommended that you fill out the FAFSA form. This form will be canceled should you decide that you will not need the financial aid.

Financial aid application instructions can be found here

The Federal School Code for the University of Delaware is 001431.