dietetic facilities

The links below are affiliations with some of our local sites and serve as examples for types of facilities that provide excellent learning opportunities for dietetic interns.

Clinical Nutrition

Community Nutrition

Food Service Management

Please note the above facilities are examples of the types of practice facilities utilized in the Delaware Local Dietetic Internship and the combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program.

Learning experience Potential settings for supervised practice
Disease States or Conditions
Overweight and obesity Hospital, wellness center, bariatric surgery center
Endocrine disorders Hospital, wellness center
Cancer Hospital, cancer center
Malnutrition Hospital, long-term care, cancer center
Cardiovascular disease Hospital, wellness center
Gastrointestinal disease Hospital
Renal disease Hospital, dialysis center
Infants Hospital, WIC
Children Hospital, WIC
Adolescents Hospital, school wellness center
Adults Hospital, WIC, any number of specialized centers
Pregnant/Lactating Females Hospital, WIC
Older adults Hospital, long-term care facility
Acute care Hospital
Critical care Intensive care units in hospital
Extended care Nursing home, assisted living, home health care, rehab
Prevention/Wellness program Wellness center, school-based wellness center, preventive medicine center
Public health/community (schools and WIC or WIC-equivalent) WIC, Head Start, Food Bank, schools, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), Child-Adult Care Feeding Program
Foodservice Schools, hospitals, university dining, extended care facilities

Resources for Dietetic Interns

The University of Delaware offers several services for dietetic interns: