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11 subtle signs of substance abuse disorder

October 19, 2023 Written by Lindsay Hughes, 4-H Youth Development Agent

This month, National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, celebrates people taking steps to overcome addiction and live a healthier life. It is never too late to educate yourself, family, and friends about preventing addiction or even encouraging someone to seek treatment. The need for prevention is even greater today. 

The earlier a person starts using drugs or alcohol, the greater the risk of addiction. 


Watch for these signs of substance use disorder in your friends and family: 

  1. Experiencing cravings
  2. No longer engaging in activities once enjoyed
  3. Being unable to control substance use
  4. Increased tolerance to the effects of the substance
  5. Engaging in high-risk activities
  6. Attempting to stop using the substance but unable to
  7. Continuing to engage in substance use despite the negative consequences
  8. Spending large amounts of time obtaining the substance
  9. Declining work or school performance
  10. Neglecting responsibilities and obligations
  11. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms


Are you or is someone you know in Crisis? 

Call or text 988



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