Worrilow Hall Redesign

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    40-year-old Worrilow Hall redesigned


    Worrilow Hall RenderingExperts agree that by the year 2050, the world’s population will grow by more than two billion people, confirming that there has never been a more pressing need for innovation and discovery in agriculture and natural resources. Students and faculty in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) challenge norms, push barriers and conduct research that has broad global impact, providing solutions to some of the most pervasive problems in plant, animal, soil and food sciences.  

    Originally constructed in 1980 and containing both teaching and research labs, Worrilow Hall is the primary laboratory building for the 80 faculty and more than 1,000 students in agriculture and natural resources. From genetics to animal physiology, soil chemistry to wildlife conservation, food microbiology to poultry pathology, Worrilow’s physical space is where these critical disciplines intersect. Within these walls, faculty expertise meets undergraduate inquiry and graduate exploration.

    As industry trends shift and interests evolve, the need for additional, flexible spaces, innovative teaching labs and new equipment grows. Open lab space will inspire collaboration and efficiencies amongst CANR research faculty. The building also features reconfigured learning rooms, updated sensory and testing labs, increased space for graduate students and expanded collaborative space for CANR students. This investment will ensure our faculty, and thereby our students, can create even more innovative solutions to global issues.   

    Instructional lab spaces:

    • Anatomy and Physiology Lab
    • Food Science Lab
    • Plant and Soil Science Lab

    Labs for services:

    Additional spaces include:

    • Lunch break room (one per floor)
    • Lounge
    • Conference room areas

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    Honoring generosity

    The University of Delaware is proud to acknowledge the individuals and organizations whose generous philanthropic contributions have resulted in the redesign of Worrilow Hall. The collaborative and transformative research, education, outreach and problem-based learning that take place inside these walls are a testament to the dedication of those listed here as of September 1, 2020.

    For information about donor recognition and naming opportunities in Worrilow Hall, contact Dan Sarkissian, Senior Director of Development for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, at 302-831-4595 or djs@udel.edu.

     *   Indicates donors who are recognized within Worrilow Hall.

    ◆  Indicates George M. Worrilow Awardees. Since 1970, the George M. Worrilow Award has been presented annually to a graduate of the college who has exhibited outstanding service to agriculture. Awardees are recognized both on the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources alumni page, under “Alumni Awards”, and engraved on a plaque in Worrilow Hall.

    Alfred C. Ball

    Charles C. Allen III ’71 & Barbara Allen

    Ralph T. Alls `66 `69M and Merry Ellen Evens Alls `69 *

    Anonymous Alumnus *

    Ruth Beauchamp

    Joseph J. Bill '86

    Brian and Kelly Brooks

    Charles L. Burton and Marie D. Burton ’84 *

    i.g. Burton & Company, Inc. *

    Keith H. '64 and Carol R. Carlisle ◆

    B. Vance Carmean, Jr. ’62 and Kathleen H. Carmean ’64 *

    Blair R. Carmean ’88 and Cheryl A. Carmean ’87 *

    Theodore H. Carski '86Ph.D. and Janet C. Ruhl '92Ph.D. *

    Robert B. Cohen ’72, V.M.D. *

    Philip J. Comba and Kathleen Hastings

    Ruth S. Crossan

    Gary D. Curl ’74,’76 and Carol Jones-Curl in memory of Dr. Dale F. Bray *

    Rodney H. Dann Jr. '59

    The Delaware Atlantis Foundation *

    The Donofrio Family *

    Susan Solymos Ferenz '80 '90M and Richard J. Ferenz '72 '86M

    Barbara Starzmann Fifer '62 and Carlton C. Fifer '62 ◆

    Jill and Garry Fussell

    Charles A. Genuardi '70 and Patricia Genuardi *

    Patricia Lynch Haas '70 and Theodore A. Haas '71 ◆

    Robert V. and Nancy S. Hearn

    Allan H. and Roseanne Henderson

    The Hesseltine Family in memory of Dr. Wilbur R. Hesseltine *

    Andrea Krempasky Hillman '80

    Donald and Barbara E. Hopkins

    Phillip O. Hutton Jr. '71 '73M and Linda Hill Hutton '73 *

    Daniel R. and Cathy A. Kaltenbach

    Stanley R. and Marguerite C. Kaniecki

    Brian S. Ladman '97 '00M '04M '15PhD and Alison Loupos Ladman '01M

    Longwood Foundation *

    Susan McCutcheon

    Gene R. and Linden K. Meyer

    William III and Katherine D. Middleton

    Peggy T. and Donald A. Morris

    Bernard D. Murphy '75 in memory of Herbert J. Murphy Jr. '51 *

    Noreen A. Murphy '60

    Patricia D. and Ken Nilsestuen

    Mildred B. Palmer

    Barbara P. and Arthur C. Parker Jr.

    Roy C. Perry ‘77 and Jaqueline B. Perry ‘10 *

    Stewart Ramsey Jr. '85 '88M

    Mark and Barbara C. Rieger

    Daniel J. Rogalski

    Karen and Fred Schreckengost

    Paul A. and Jane H. Schreckengost

    Katherine Ditmer Short '05 and Charles Short

    Patricia P. Simpson

    Nancy G. Stavely

    Carol K. Stephens

    Robin L. Talley '84 '96 ◆ and Richard P. Szvitich

    Gerard F. Teckmeyer

    Robert M. Thompson, Jr., V.M.D. '81 and Barbara Barrow Thompson *

    H. Wesley Towers Jr. '64 and Saralee Webb Towers ◆

    Welfare Foundation, Inc. *

    Susan H. and Andrew F. West

    William F. and Ann Marie Willard *

    Willard Agri-Service of Greenwood *

    David A. Willis '71 and B. Wells Willis '71 *

    Melinda L. Zoehrer '94M and Frederick P. Darke '77