Webb Farm

Webb Farm is home to the College's registered Angus cattle herd, flock of Dorset sheep and equine herd.  Facilities include the Animal Management Teaching Facility, Animal Science Teaching Pavilion, Webb Equine Center and Webb Cattle Barn.  Over 1000 students/guests annually get hands-on experience with farm animals, starting with freshmen introductory classes through senior capstone courses.  The Webb Farm hosts educational programs as well, educating the public on current topics in animal and plant science.

The University of Delaware Newark Farm Livestock Unit is currently home to 13 horses used for teaching undergraduate equine science courses in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences. The herd consists of 5 Arabians, 1 Haflinger, 4 Quarter Horse and Quarter Horse crosses, 1 Belgian/Spotted Draft cross, 1 Standarbred, and 1 Tennessee Walking Horse.

The equine teaching facilities include a new six-stall barn and a newly renovated 60′ x 80′ indoor arena.