UD Dairy Farm

UD Dairy Farm | College of Agriculture and Natural Resources | University of Delaware

The Dairy

Located on the 350-acre College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) complex in Newark, our dairy provides hands-on experiences and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These experiences are significantly enhanced by the close proximity of our teaching and research facilities to the UD Newark farm.

In 2006, CANR began a major renovation of its dairy facilities in an effort to modernize milk production and protect environmental quality.

The dairy herd consists of ~100 Holstein cows that are currently milked twice daily. Dry and milking cows are housed in freestall barns using sand bedding. Lactation research is conducted in a barn where the cows can be fed individually. All forages fed at the UD dairy are grown on UD farmlands, where about 130 acres is available for the production of corn silage and alfalfa haylage.