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March Spotlight: Lucky Leaf 4-H Club

March 17, 2021 Written by Lucky Leaf 4-H Club

Lucky Leaf 4-H club was established in 2016 after moving our Maryland club of 21years, the Melson’s Mustangs, to Delaware. Our current leaders are Melody Hudson, Chelsea Hudson, and Sherrie McMann with 18 club members ages 5-18. Each member chooses their own project area, from cooking to livestock, and presents demonstrations to the club to share what they have learned. Each member (ages 8-18) completes a project book each year to maintain membership. We have participated in many community outreach projects including Coastal Clean-up, Christmas stockings for Sussex County Fosters, and HALO homeless shelter to name a few. We also have many members that enjoy activities such as the pumpkin contest, state fair, favorite foods contest, and public speaking. We are very excited and looking forward to our upcoming meetings!  Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of every month at 6 pm.

Lucky Leaf 4-H Club Pumpkin Painting
Lucky Leaf 4-H Club Pumpkin Painting
Lucky Leaf 4-H Club Parade Float
Lucky Leaf 4-H Club Parade Float

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