Delaware State Fair 4-H Exhibits

State Fair 4-H Ribbons

The Delaware State Fair is a terrific opportunity to showcase your projects and achievements!

2021 State Fair


Who can participate?

All youth enrolled in the Delaware 4-H program are eligible to exhibit articles made as a part of project or activity work, and participate in demonstrations, judging programs and other 4-H competitions outlined in this department of the Fair. An enrollment card or group membership form must be on file with the County 4-H Educator by March 1st of the current year.

4-H Exhibit Tags — Special Guidelines

We need every 4-H member to follow the following steps in handling your exhibit tags:

  1. DO NOT DETACH or tear off any portion of the entry tag for any reason for any exhibit.
  2. Enter your age on the exhibit tag if it is not already listed. This should be your 4-H age as of January 1, 2021.
  3. Enter your “4-H Club” name on the tag if it is not already listed.
  4. Securely attach tag to exhibit with best method using tape, string, or safety pin. Tags can be taped on the back side of posters, pictures, or frames. (DO NOT USE GLUE as tag will be removed to attach ribbon).
  5. Please remember that exhibit guidelines request that all 4-H exhibits have a label on them that will help identify exhibit ownership and class should the tag become separated for any reason.

Special Instructions and Resources

For Consumer Champions, Avian Bowl, Window Display, Talent Show & Digital Photo Slideshows


Submitting entries

Teams should submit their entry under their 4-H Club Name. To do this, enter the Delaware State Fair website Exhibitor page. The leader signs into the online entry system.

  1. Enter your club name, i.e., Porter Gang, as the exhibitor name.
  2. Address, etc., the leader uses their own information so any information or premiums awarded are mailed to this address.
  3. Continue to the 4-H Department, select your contest (State Avian Bowl, for example), and continue to the very end of the process.
  4. If a club has multiple teams in the same contest, enter each team separately, and indicate Club name Team 1, Club name Team 2, etc. to identify each different team.
  5. Individual team members DO NOT need to register.


Talent Show

Register online  or  Download a registration form

Demonstrations and Digital Photography Slideshows

  • Send PowerPoint Presentations via UD Dropbox
    • Click the “Drop-off” button. 
    • Enter your information in box 1. 
    • In Box 2 recipient email, enter: de4h 
    • Upload your file in box 3 and then hit the “drop-off the file” button.

Posters, Cut Flowers and Dish Garden/Terrariums

2021 Delaware State Fair Results

First Place

  • Madison Johnson, Country Clovers 4-H Club, Sussex County
  • Matthew Johnson,  Country Clovers 4-H Club, Sussex County
  • Kaitlyn Johnson, Country Clovers 4-H CLub, Sussex County

Second Place

  • Jade Wasgatt. Clover Quest 4-H Club, New Castle County
  • Katrice Wasgatt, Clover Quest 4-H Club, New Castle County

Third Place

  • Alexis Dury, Heavenly Hooves 4-H Club, New Castle County
  • Graham Trader, Heavenly Hooves 4-H Club, New Castle County
  • Patrick Trade, Heavenly Hooves 4-H Club, New Castle County

2021 Public Speaking Contest Results

Below, view all of the 2021 4-H Public Speeches presented at the Delaware State Fair!

A playlist of the speeches in order of age groups filmed at the Delaware State Fair: