Fischer Greenhouse Staff

Greenhouse Management

Permanent Greenhouse Staff

The Greenhouse Manager and the Greenhouse Supervisor make up the permanent staff of the facility.

Greenhouse Manager

The daily operation of the Greenhouse Complex/Plant Growth Facility, including space allocation, is under the authority of the Greenhouse Manager.  The Greenhouse Manager, under the direct supervision of the Chair of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, coordinates the function of the facility as follows:

  • Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the facility, coordinating activities of greenhouse users and staff, including the supervision of the Greenhouse Supervisor and temporary greenhouse staff.
  • Implements policy and procedures as recommended by the GAC and approved by the Department Chair.
  • Receive and review space, service and work requests.  Assign greenhouse space and maintain record of use and associated charges.
  • Maintain inventory and coordinate ordering of common greenhouse supplies.
  • Maintain financial records for greenhouse expenditures.
  • Work with users and greenhouse staff to develop and implement proper plant care.
  • Monitor environmental computing system and make adjustments as required.
  • Provide facility orientation for new greenhouse users.

Greenhouse Supervisor

The Greenhouse Supervisor, under direct supervision of the Greenhouse Manager, is responsible for maintaining and supervising activities in the Greenhouse Complex/Plant Growth Facility.  Principal emphasis is on greenhouse and plant growth facility resources (water supply, air supply, chilled water, electricity and mechanical systems), as well as the following:

  • Monitor greenhouse and plant growth facility resources, coordinate repairs.
  • Coordinate and schedule routine maintenance of heaters/fans/coolers
  • Monitor growth chamber operation, coordinate repairs
  • Coordinate and schedule routine maintenance of growth chambers
  • Responsible for training new users in the operation of the growth chambers, keeping users informed of problems that may impact plants
  • Monitor greenhouse for pests/disease and take appropriate measure for control.
  • Responsible for pesticide supply room and MSDS sheets.
  • Coordinate and schedule Worker Protection Standard and Right To Know Training, in addition to other required safety training for new greenhouse users.
  • In absence of the Greenhouse Manager, provide overall support for the facility.

Temporary Greenhouse Staff

The following duties are performed by the temporary greenhouse staff, under the direct supervision of the greenhouse manager:

  • Daily maintenance of greenhouse plant materials, including watering and fertilizing
  • Restocking of greenhouse supplies/media
  • Maintenance of automatic drip irrigation systems
  • General housekeeping of greenhouse floors/benches/headhouse area
  • Treatment of filter systems, humidity sensors and padwall cells
  • Propagation/transplanting of plant materials
  • Scout greenhouses for pest/disease and weed control

Appointed by Eric Wommack, deputy dean, the GAC will be charged with the following.

  • Formulating and evaluating policies and procedures related to the Fischer Greenhouse Complex and Plant Growth Facility.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding new or unusual expenditures for the facility.
  • Review and recommend rate charges associated with space fee.
  • Assist greenhouse manager in space dispute issues


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