Department Directory


Below you will find information about how to contact our department faculty members, staff and graduate students. Each faculty member has a link to a profile page with more information. 

Department leadership 

Jillian Trabulsi headshot

Jillian Trabulsi

Department Chair, Behavioral Health & Nutrition
Marc Lodyga headshot

Marc Lodyga

Assistant Chair of Teaching and Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Professor
Freda Patterson headshot

Freda Patterson

Associate Chair
Associate Professor

Department Faculty Members 

Sandra D. Baker headshot

Sandra D. Baker

Assistant Professor
Sheau Ching Chai headshot

Sheau Ching Chai

Associate Professor
Adam Davey headshot

Adam Davey

Carrie P. Earthman headshot

Carrie P. Earthman

Director of Research, Nutrition Clinic at UD Health
Chen-Shun (Richard) Fang headshot

Cheng-Shun (Richard) Fang

Associate Professor

Steve Goodwin

Associate Professor
Anja Leefeldt headshot

Anja Leefeldt

Associate Instructor
Dietetic Internship Director
Laura Lessard headshot

Laura Lessard

Associate Professor
Iva Obrusnikova headshot

Iva Obrusnikova

Carly Pacanowski headshot

Carly Pacanowski

Associate Professor
Michael Peterson headshot

Michael Peterson


Alisha Rovner

Assistant Professor
Director, MS Human Nutrition program
Beth Schwenk headshot

Beth Schwenk

Associate Instructor
Dietetic Internship Supervisor
Rick Suminski Jr. headshot

Rick Suminski Jr.

Associate Professor
Sandra D. Baker headshot

Janice Bibik

Associate Professor
Sharon Collison headshot

Sharon Collison

Clinical Instructor, Nutrition Clinic at UD Health
Gregory M. Dominick headshot

Gregory M. Dominick

Associate Professor
Maryann Eastep headshot

Maryann Eastep


Andrea Grim

Clinical Associate Instructor
DPD Program Director
Jae Kyeom Kim headshot

Jae Kyeom Kim

Assistant Professor
Tara Leonard headshot

Tara Leonard

Health Coaching Clinic at UD Health

Melissa Melough

Assistant Professor
Elizabeth M. Orsega-Smith headshot

Elizabeth M. Orsega-Smith

Director, MS Health Promotion Program
Donna Paulhamus headshot

Donna Paulhamus

Director, Nutrition Clinic at UD Health
Shannon M. Robson headshot

Shannon M. Robson

Associate Professor
Laurie Ruggeiro headshot

Laurie Ruggeiro

Kelebogile Setiloane headshot

Kelebogile Setiloane

Director, African Studies Program

Jennifer Thorpe

Director, Undergraduate Nutrition Programs
Director, Food and Nutrition Education Lab
  • Kelly A. Rossi - Sports Nutritionist, UD Athletics 
  • Shannon L. Lennon - Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
  • Jennifer L. Saylor - Associate Professor/Director, Diabetes and You: Kamp for Kids, School of Nursing
  • Leta Aljadir - Professor Emeritus,
  • Nancy Cotugna - Professor Emeritus,
  • Marie Kuczmarski - Professor Emeritus,
  • Louise Little - Professor Emeritus,
  • Carolyn Manning - Professor Emeritus,
  • Arlette Rasmussen - Professor Emeritus,
Name Title Email Phone
Lori Mayhew Academic Advisor II 302-831-3047
Name Title Email Phone
Karen Murphy Business Administrator 302-831-2265
Carrie G. Johns Aministrative Assistant III 302-831-8729
Marlaina Kloepfer Graduate Support Coordinator 302-831-6222
Jodi Allen Academic Support Coordinator 302-831-0706
Name Title Email Phone
Michelle Delahanty Research Coordinator 302-831-2320
Elissa Hoopes Postdoctoral Researcher  
Name Email Class
Bridget Baldwin BHAN 120
Andrea Boulden BHAN120
Kathy Corbitt BHAN 155
Rita Crowley BHAN 120
Jennifer Eppes BHAN 120
John Groth BHAN 130
Cindy Holland BHAN 155
Elizabeth Hunt
BHAN 120
Lisa Jones BHAN 120
Brittany Knick BHAN 130
Jennifer Maslow BHAN 155
Kate McCleary BHAN 130
Jen Muzzi BHAN 130
Jamie O'Hara HLPR 630
Constance Rosa BHAN 120
Mary Shapero NTDT 200
Megan Smith BHAN 155
Laura Soltys HLPR 605
Irene Soucy NTDT 200/201
Karyn Stockar BHAN 155

Doctoral Students

Name Email Program
Adriana Verdezoto Alvarado Nutrition Science PhD
Nicole Berzins HBS and Promotion PhD
Jessica Decker Nutrition Science PhD
Lynn Ferro Nutrition Science PhD
Cora Firkin HBS and Promotion PhD
Megan Heintzelman HBS and Promotion PhD
Julia Katcher Nutrition Science PhD
Paige Laxton HBS and Promotion PhD
Brittany Powers HBS and Promotion PhD
Hema Ramamurthi HBS and Promotion PhD
Luke Smith Nutrition Science PhD
Diane Vizthum Nutrition Science PhD
Liana Williams Nutrition Science PhD

Masters Students

Name Email Program
Sarah Albrecht Health Promotion MS
Nicolette Amato Health Promotion MS
Nicole Boylan Human Nutrition MS
Kaelyn Burns Health Promotion MS
Jordan Carter Human Nutrition MS
Claire Coupard Health Promotion MS
Catherine Davis Human Nutrition MS
Maria Gentile Health Promotion MS
Zoe Harper Human Nutrition, MS
Caroline Harrington Health Promotion MS
Kathryn Howland Health Promotion MS
Arlene Isseks Human Nutrition MS
Kelsey Ladics Health Promotion MS
Brandy Le Human Nutrition MS
Destiny Mahmood Health Promotion MS
Amy Nichols Health Promotion MS
Bharathi Ramesh Human Nutrition MS
Melanie Rojas Human Nutrition MS
Rachel Samson Health Promotion MS
Ashley Steinbrecker Health Promotion MS
Maria Taplin Health Promotion MS
Caitlin Tharp Health Promotion MS
Mary Webb Human Nutrition MS
Brianna Wolfe Health Promotion MS